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    Saga # 5 The Wedding
    Sarge and Lt. Linda's wedding:
    Our scene:
    Sarge has popped the question and Little Linda has accepted.
    They are engaged. Now months later Sarge is discussing the wedding plans.
    and Linda says; "I can't marry you!"
    "What?" says Sarge, astonished at her comment. "Wait a minute, I thought, you said, we planned, I mean, " he mumbled while his mind raced to think of what he had done wrong. "But , But, But" Sarge protested.
    It's not you." Linda quickly replies, "It's Glenn Sr my ex-husband," "He had it put in the divorce papers that the day I remarried I owe him half the value of the house." "We have been trying to sell that house for 4 months now and their are no takers." Little Linda stiffled a sob and moved into Sarge's arms.
    "There there, honey we'll work something out. Trust Sarge, I'll come up with something."
    Two more months went by and still the house was unsold.
    Undaunted Sarge began to smile a lot and even whistle a tune now and then.
    Finally one week he pulled Linda aside so the kids couldn't hear and asked her if Glenn Sr. had the kids this weekend.
    "Yes" She answered puzzled.
    Sarge then whispered in her pretty ear, "Pack a bag, honey, and keep it hidden in the closet. We are going to elope this weekend."
    Little Linda's eyes opened wide, and she said in astonishment, "Just one bag for the whole weekend and my wedding too?"
    "OK OK " groused Sarge. "Two bags but get them ready for Friday night."
    Friday night came and the kids were loaded into the White Elephant (our Van) and off to their real Dad's house.
    5 pm-----Drop kids off for the weekend at Glenn Sr, house.
    5:30pm--Sarge and Little Linda arrive at Denver Airport.
    9:30pm--Sarge and Linda arrive at Las Vegas, NV,
    0800am--Saturday Sarge and Linda are at the head of the line as Las Vegas City Hall opens up. Papers are filled out and stamped.
    0900am--Hand in hand Sarge and Little Linda walk down the street to the little White Chapel on the corner.
    0930am--Sarge and Little Linda are joined in Holy Wedlock, in sickness or health, till death do us part. Sarge kisses the bride. Bride plants a hurried up kiss on Sarge, grabs his hand and drags him out the door and up the street. "WOW" thinks Sarge, "She sure is anxious to get back to the Hotel and consumate this wedding. HOT DOG!" Trotting along behind Little Linda, Sarge notices that they have already passed the front door of the Hotel.
    "HEY where are you going? The bed is back there!" shouts Sarge.
    "The heck with the bed, we are going to the slot machines. Get a move on it soldier!" Yells Little Linda.
    See you in Saga # 6 folks.
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    Haha. The current Mrs. Rock and I got hitched at "The Little Chapel By The Courthouse", might be the same one you used. Reverend Jimmy.

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    come on sarge do we have to amazon the read the rest of the story:D
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    Congrates!!! The house situation was it financed? Did it loose value? You might have been able to buy the house in a short sale before you got married and the bank would of forgave the loan and her ex would of been out of the money.
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    OK now we can post the rest of the story about Little Linda's house. You see I had to write the stories in the proper sequence. Because each one depends on what happened in the prior story. (In most cases but not all)
    So tomorrow comes a sad story. Mostly I like to write happy funny stories, but life is not all happiness. Bad things happen to good people. And Little Linda has had her share of unhappiness.
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    haha; somehow; I missed this one; hahha. I love her more n more haha

    I was 'miss-led'' haha.:)

    Sir; very good; and yes ''I'm'' laughing my hiney off hahaha:)