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Discussion in '1911 Forum' started by freefall, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Ever since my daughter the Lovely Miss Freefall bought a Colt Delta Gold Cup I've been lusting for a 10mm. Last week got a Christmas bonus at work, about twice what I expected. So instead of squandering it foolishly on food and gasoline I wisely invested most of it on a stainless Dan Wesson Pointman 7 10mm. Seems to be the nicest 1911 I've ever owned, definitely the tightest. Previous owner had fired it 25 times, selling it because "it's too pretty to take out and use". I haven't fired it yet, looks like I won't get to 'til after first of the year.
    At any rate, this morning I'm looking at guns on Alaskaslist ,because that's what I do while drinking coffee in silent misery in the morning, when up pops a stainless Kimber II with a Clark .460 Rowland kit installed for not a whole lot more than I spent for the 10mm. So it goes. (wry smile)
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    I have the CBOB in 10mm. What fun is a gun if it doesn't get shot?