The vultures are attacking randomly and in broad daylight.

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    Homeowner shoots back at M-16/AR-15 wielding robbers

    CCTV:Feb 05/09.Tucson,Arizona,A homeowner, alerted of an impending home invasion by his security cameras, arms himself and takes matters into his hands last Thursday when four armed suspects attempt to break into his home.

    Also attached is the news story* right.

    The video the owner caught is incredible. You see a vehicle pull up, and four men run out. One of them is carrying what appea to be an AR-15 or M-16, a weapon which could be fully automatic.

    The robbery happened last Thursday in broad daylight at a home on West Vande Loo Street. All the action was caught by the homeowners outdoor surveillance system.

    "The victim was able to get back inside his house, close his door, semi barricade it, reach for [a] weapon that was easily accessible," says Pima County Sheriff's Deputy Earl Gieron.

    The homeowner shot at the suspects. He even put a bullet through the windshield of the suspects car, which is also caught on camera. The four men retreated and took off. All of them remain on the run.

    Sheriff's officials say the homeowner has surveillance cameras installed all around his house.

    Dep. Gieron says, "That was just for his own security."

    People living in the neighborhood heard all the gunshots, and saw the aftermath. Some stray bullets even hit a home across the street.

    One man says, "I was asleep around noon Thursday, and heard gunshots."

    Lawrence Cruz lives down the street from where the attempted home invasion happened.

    "I am very watchful where we live and I think everybody has right to defend their property," says Cruz.

    Detectives did find the suspect's vehicle at a home near Cardinal and Valencia, but the four men are still on the run.

    One of the suspects has been identified as 23-year-old Jesus Mendivil. It's believed he was shot in the arm.

    The three other men are all described as Hispanic males between 17 and 25-years-old. VIDEO: - Homeowner shoots back at M-16/AR-15 wielding robbers
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    I'm sure they were all legally in this country, too! Get used to scenes like this. It will only get worse.

    When seconds count, the police will be there in a matter of minutes.

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    I seriously doubt that was a random home invasion. Looked more like a targeted gang hit. Burglars don't tend to run around with long guns, it attracts too much attention.
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    Quote for Truth right there kids. You have to be prepared to look out for yourself, because if there is a "someone" else who might be able to look after you, they might not be right around the corner in the kitchen.

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    I'd like to see that vedio, I expect that would say a lot about the situation. All the same the world is changing. A week ago I let my lab and Rot out into the back yard in the morning only to have them barking that the front door a few minutes latter. I let them in and went outside to discover my side gateto the back yard was open. It's a 6 good cedar fence with a latch on the inside. I closed it and forgot about it until a few days latter when the local PD went door to door handing out pamplets stating that nine homes have be broken into in out neighborhood. The development I live in only has 73 homes so that ratio is a bit high. I've lived here for several years and never heard of a break in, it's considered to be a good area. But I expect that is the best area for bad guys to steal from. I have camera's that record to a hard drive and with the local PD we watched two guys climb the fence and when the motion lights went on saw them run throught the gate. Not people I know and with luck people the PD will be able to identify and arrest.
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    With all due respect, aren't you an officer?

    The town that I live in is actually quite snappy with 911 to doorstep time. Had an incident a few years back that required 911, and 3 officers made a 3.5 minute drive in about 30 seconds (some of the longest 30 seconds of my life). Thankfully the incident was an unarmed one (unfortunately so was my family and I). But, despite being cocky-bastards, the cops were very snappy to arrive.