The UN in America's Business

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Sniper03, Mar 18, 2012.

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    This morning on FOX News the interview was discussing the UN is presently Investigating US Voter ID Laws. The liberal socialists in Washington are trying to block Texas and South Carolina from having voters show ID at the poles. They have even agreed to provide voters with ID at no cost. By the way what the Hell is the UN doing in our business. I think it is time we dumped them myself! Don't forget their attempt along with Hillery in regard to the Treaty for the Small Arms Weapons that they are trying to railroad through. Which could definitely effect our Second Amendment Rights. The Supreme Court will rule in favor of Texas and South Carolina's behalf. Hopefully before they can rig the election in those states. It has already been tested by the Supreme Court regarding Indiana and some other states and they must produce an ID at the Poles there. It is amazing to what length the present administration will go to to rig the elections like they did in 2004 using ACORN and others. God Bless America and let's take her back!


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    The U.N. is a puppet of the international mob of super-rich scumbags who would please like to turn the whole world into a 3rd-world country.

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    It seems like everyone is trying to roll over the USA. We need some administrators with some nads and start standing up to these people.
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    With themselves on top as kings.
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    We have to show ID to vote in Arizona. Why should it be different anyplace else. We should also have to show proof of citizenship to register to vote. Some places you are registered to vote (Democrat of course) when you sign up for welfare even if you are not a citizen.
    The UN is trying to become the World Government and to them "The End Justifies The Means" so they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. If they are allowed to accomplish this, no present day country will be sovereign and everyone will be subjects.
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    NAACP is hoping to get the support the world socialist movement. They know the U.N. cannot directly interfere with our government. They did this 40 years ago. They hoped to hurt the U.S. economy on the world market. Real smart. Can you imagine if a group of conservitive Americans went to the U.N. and ask them to help destroy Obama's government.:rolleyes: