The true Mini 14

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  1. The5Last5Rebel

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    What's the story behind the true Mini 14 not the Mini 14 Ranch Rifle?
  2. scottybaccus

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    It was the original, having an action loosly based on the M14, identical to the Ranch Rifle in all repsects, except lacking the the scope mounting facilities of the Ranch Rifle and having a more complex rear sight, rather than the leaf design of the early Ranch Rifle or the peep sight of the latest series. The scope mounting was a means of expanding the market for the rifle.

    Google AC556 and you meet the select fire cousin that had the same, longer, action of the first series (180, I think). The added length was specifically to accomodate the select fire mechanism. With the 181 series, the select fire was history and the action was shortened about 3/4" for all subsequent models.

  3. Snakedriver

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    I have an old 183-series Mini-14 that I've had since it was new. It's been a great gun and has been fun to shoot since I got it. It's been 100% and has never jammed that I can remember.

    The only complaint I have about it is the lack of an effective way to mount a scope on it. I've tried several times to mount one of the various scope mounts available on the market, but have never found one that worked without moving around and losing zero.

    As long as I can use just the iron sight though, it's good to go. It's never been picky about ammo or magazines. I have about a dozen aftermarket metal 30-round mag's that work just fine. I shoot 55-grain bullets all the time since it has a 1:10 twist barrel. The barrel twist rate in the Mini was changed several times over the years, so knowing the twist rate is important to knowing what bullets will work.