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    Okay, bear with me on this kinda lengthy "It happened to me" story.

    I do firearms transfers in Florida.
    I got a call from someone telling me that he was having a firearm sent to me for a transfer.
    Ok, No problem.
    Firearm arrived. I call the individual to do the 4473.
    I can submit the required information over the computer for the background check and did so for this individual as I usually do. The customer has a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit which excludes the requirement of a three day waiting period.

    Well, the individual information came back with a Disapproval. I called FDLE and explain what happened. They asked to confirm name and other data (which I gave them), and they stated that Yes, he is not approved for a firearm transfer.

    FDLE would not give the reason over the phone for the disapproval and had me advise the customer the procedures to file an appeal.

    The customer did follow the procedures. Fingerprints, supporting documents, etc...

    On getting the Public records of previous court proceedings, he found that on the one charge for DUI he was acquitted for, somebody had put the incorrect result of the court findings.

    The findings were listed as "Insanity", and not the "Acquitted" as it should have been.

    In the end, the court records got corrected, the firearm was transferred, the CWP remained effective and all is good.

    The customer is not angry at the result, but is glad that the system did work to find an individual was not allowed to have a firearm transferred.

    But the question raised now is "If human error stopped this transfer, is it possible that human error allows for other transfers?"
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    Yes. Nearly all records are local/state court generated (military and federal violations are miniscule in numbers compared to local records) into the system. Only offenses backed up by "ten-print" fingerprint records are reliable. Mental health records that do not involve a crime are not likely to show up, but may do so in some cases. Your case is a good example of one that was resolved as the system is supposed to work.
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    the system is only as good as the information that is input into that system. we saw the failure of lack of input of a DV conviction that would have prohibited the shooter in the Texas church shooting spree just recently, because the Air Force failed to input that information into the NCIS system. it would have prohibited the shooter from legally purchasing the guns he did buy, LEGALLY.

    many states are failing to, or refusing to release mental health records that have gone through the court systems, that would effectively bar an individual from LEGALLY purchasing and possessing a firearm.

    this is why i think there needs to be an overhaul of the NCIS system, to make it more accurate, that would put those people who are prohibited into the system and bar them from legally purchasing firearms.
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    Yes, Absolutely !....................
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    NICS is a flop and always has been.
    Besides the fact it violates the 2a it as this post proves does nothing but burden the law abidings RTKABA.

    One is just as dead if killed by a LEGALLY owned firearm or an illegal, by the gov, decree, one.

    States that do not want to report anything at all to NICS, do not have too and cannot be forced too.

    Happily several states recognize NICS for what it is and only report actual violent crimes to it instead of whether or not someone had their shingles vaccine.

    Medical records of people free to move about in society are no business of the gov.
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    Can it have an affect on the outcomes of BGC? Yes.

    It's a case of the GIGO principle.

    Garbage in will always equal garbage out.
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    exactly! :)

    any system, is only as good as the information that's put into it.
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