the su-16 : what the dilli-o ?

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  1. Tailypoe

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    heyy, all.
    I've been scoping out some different rifles, and i noticed this one that can fold up like that. and it has a collapsible stand.
    from kel tec. Really nice company by a lot of markers.

    question. :
    * 1 : is there any other such weapon that can collapse for ease of carry.
    * 2 : what do you think of this model of gun, as a practical survivalist firearm. I know kel -tec doesn't have the greatest rep on not breaking down over time, ... or a lot of interchangeable parts. .. .. do let me know.
    thanks for your help, - The Tailypoe.
  2. CA357

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    The SU16's are an excellent carbine for backpacking, Bug Out bag or a truck gun. They use AR magazines rather than proprietary mags, a very good attribute. It is not a battle rifle, but rather a handy and lightweight shooter. It will do the job it was designed to do and it will do it well. To demand anything more from it is folly.

    I have seen them decked out with rails and red dots and it's downright silly. It is not in the same category as a good AR. If someone wants an AR they should buy or build an AR and not screw around with a KelTec.

    I had an SU16CA and it was an excellent and surprisingly accurate rifle. I would have another in a heartbeat.

  3. Tailypoe

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    ar-15 magazines ?
    oh , sweet .
    I'm curious as to how you think it's not a battle rifle, tho, it would certainly stop a family of brown bears or get a bunch of kids off my porch. ...
    my only concern is the wear and tear i don't want to go down to ecuador to live my life on sthg that breaks. It would be an excellent gun to legally have here in Canada, kel-tec's customer service is excellent as always.
    plus, firing while folded ? that just sweet.
    ; )
    all novelty value aside, tho. i like it.
    ; )
    I'd seriously consider buying sthg else that folded up to carry similarly.
  4. CA357

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    Don't take my word for it, ask some of the folks here that know firearms if it's a battle rifle.
  5. Txhillbilly

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    I've had a PLR-16 (The pistol version of the SU-16) for several years now.It is a very reliable weapon.It will shoot just about any ammo without FTF,Jamming,etc.
    It will shoot the steel cased ammo just as good as the brass cased.Takedown for cleaning is simple,and easy.

    The only complaint that I have about it is,this is by far the loudest firearm in the world to shoot.You really need to have ear plugs and ear muffs on in order to fire this thing.
    I'm thinking seriously about a silencer for this gun,it is just that loud.

  6. Cornhusker

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    I've got the SU-16 Alpha, and I don't consider it a "battle" rifle.
    The SU stands for sport utility, so I'd maybe call it a utility rifle.
    Sure, it'd be deadly in a battle, but I think the reason it's not considered battle ready is the relatively flimsy stock.
    On the SU, you can carry mags in the stock, but if you club somebody in the head with it, it probably won't hold up.
    However, Kel Tec sells the AR style butt stocks and forends that may satisfy the "battle rifle" needs, I don't know.
    As far as firing folded, I believe only the Charlie stock can be fired while folded.
    The A and B stocks fold ahead of the trigger, so the whole firing mechanism pivots away.
    The folding thing is mostly for storage or transport.
    Kel Tec also makes the SUB 2000 that folds neatly in half and fits in an ordinary laptop bag.
  7. JonM

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    a battle rifle is a rifle issued as a basic infantry man rifle.

    semi auto ar15 and semi-auto ak47 are not battle rifles they are civilian copies of battle rifles.

    m1 garand springfield 1903 m1 carbine mosin 91/30 sks enfield arisaka kar98k are battle rifle examples.
  8. Tailypoe

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    asides the magpul FMG.
    . . geez whiz. :eek::D
  9. Cattledog

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    I think what he meant by not a "battle rifle" was that the su-16 is ill-suited for extended periods in the field, whereas any ar-15 or mini-14 for that matter would be far more "battle worthy"

    I do love the terminology mines in this place though...gotta be careful where you step, people know their s*!t around here.

    We could call em termno-mines or ah..termines! yeah.