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  1. ric-hubbard

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    I have been considering a compensator for my M-4 style rifle in 5.56 but to me the recoil is not so great as to require it. If I am to spend money on something that not vital to my use of the rifle it needs to reasonable priced and it must work as advertised.

    This brings us to the question at hand. I have come across the Strike Industries Checkmate comp online and the price is reasonable. I have watched two video reviews of the product and in both cases it appears to work as advertised.

    This is the device in question

    Please watch this review and then I will get to the question.

    Has anyone here installed one of these on an AR and if so what has been your experience with it?
  2. mountainman13

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    Looks pretty good.
    It'd be easier to tell the actual results if the demonstration was done using a sled.
    I haven't used that design but I did install a break on one of my builds and it did make follow up shots a bit quicker and staying on target easier.

  3. Sgt_Skrb_25

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    To me it looks like a hybrid , comp/break/ flash. It Its similar to the PWS FSC 556. For $40 it seems like a good deal.
  4. AgentTikki

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    Sounds like an advertisement to me.......

    Send me a sample and I'll review it. I have a PWS FSC, PWS TTO, Surefire MB556, Battlecomp 2.0, Ares Armor EffinA, A2 Flashider, Spikes Dynacomp, and Rainer Arms XTC to compare it against.
  5. SSGN_Doc

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    Which of those do you like best?
  6. JonM

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    surefire is the best one out there.

    thats the one i have on my carbine. it just sits there and cycles. also handy for qd'ing the suppressor...

    best non brake device is the A2 flash hider.
  7. AgentTikki

    AgentTikki New Member

    Pure Brake, with good compensation the MB556 wins hands down as my favorite. I own multiples of this. It does make gigantor fireballs, even on my 18" spr.

    Pure compensation the Effin A wins, as it is tuneable for your specific rifle and type of ammo. Does require tinkering. Doesn't do too much braking or flash compensation.

    Battle comp is best all around JAT (jack of all trades), does a little of braking, good compensation and ok flash compensation.

    PWS FSC is a good all around JAT, but the Battlecomp is better.
    PWS TTO is just about the same as the FSC but lighter and less flash hiding.
    Rainer arms is a JAT about the same rank as the PWS units.

    Noveske KX3, big heavy, and doesn't do any braking or compensation, but makes my 7.5 cycle even with underpowered russian crap.

    Dynacomp comes in last place, a minimal upgrade over the standard A2 Flashider, and much more blasty with a disctinctly strange report. It comes in last, but honestly I tested it on a lightweight build that contributed to felt recoil. Its on a 14.5 pencil barrel, so its pinned and welded and can't be removed easily.
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