The Stolen Rifle

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    Sarge and the stolen rifle.

    In the year 2007 Sarge was in Alaska working on the pipeline. While there he had nothing to do but go to gun stores. (His wife Lt. Linda was not with him, but was back home in Colorado) One favorite gun store had a lot of old guns. Old military guns, old antique guns and old collector guns. When the oil boom in Alaska began to send money into the wallets of all Alaska residents the native American (Indians is you wish to call them that) brought to the big city their old guns and traded up for new rifles in magnum calibers. Everything huntable in Alaska is BIG.
    So Sarge was tooling around in this gun store and see's a flintlock rifle. He picks it up reverntly. It is beautiful. And not in bad shape. Actually very good shape. And with inlays and polished brass hardware it was complimented by a fine grade of wood. Well you know that he bought it right then and now. His contract with BP was just about over so he packaged up the beautiful rifle carefully and sent it home to Colorado by UPS.
    A month later he himself is waiting for Lt. Linda to pick him up at Denver International Airport and glad to get home. The first thing, well not really the first thing, Lt. Linda got a couple of kisses and hugs first, but after that, he asks his dear wife if a long package has arrived from UPS yet.
    "Oh yes, "she replies,"It arrived last Saturday." "It is down in your office."
    "Ho Boy," Sarge thinks as he races down the stairs to retrieve his prize rifle. He picks up the box and the first thing he thinks is "Man this box is awfully light," He tears into it and THE BOX IS EMPTY!
    "Linda! Linda!, the box is empty. What happened to the rifle?"
    "It was confiscated" states Lt. Linda.
    "WHAT!" shouts Sarge, "CONFISCATED!" What the heck, what do you mean confiscated?"
    "UPS confiscated my rifle? Or did BATF come by and confiscate my rifle?" "They can't confiscate my rifle!" Sarge was just about climbing the walls when he realized his wife had not answered any of his questions.
    "Linda, who confiscated my rifle?" questioned Sarge
    With a little pixie mischevious grin on her face, Linda replied. "I did. It is too pretty for you to get all dirty at the range. I like it and you don't get it. Ha Ha!"
    Sarge just stood there with his mouth open. Finally he asked very politely. "Are you sure I can't shoot it just once in a while?"
    "Well maybe, if you don't go off cavorting to other countries and leave me home." she gave him a look. (that wife's look that means I won but I am letting you off easy)
    You just have to love a wife like that. And I do
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    Brought back memories of when my lady decided that the little 20 g over and under was too much of a lady's gun for coarse types like me. Thought that was all in the past- now have a granddaughter that shoots with me, and she is deciding which of my rifles are HERS.

    I love it. BTW, does Lt. Linda ever let you shoot the muzzleloader?

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    Thanks Sarge
    I think this could go in the "Because I'm a woman"thread.

    I bought a Buckmark and put it in the girlfriends name to get her more interested in my hobby. Now I have to jump through hoops to ever take the gun I bought out to the range.
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    sounds like my wife :) she confiscated my desert eagle :/
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    Mine took my G19. She wont touch my rifles because the stocks are all too big for her except for the AR but she does not like that one.
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    Sounds like you have a woman that thinks for herself. I admire that in anyone. I never liked the AR-16 either. To small a bullet and too many places that the dirt and mud could collect. My M1 Garand when it was closed had almost no place for dirt to collect and certainly did not have a big hole in the bottom. It was heavier I will grant that, but you could verticle butt stroke a close enemy with it and put him down permanently.
    PS: I have a AR-15 in my collection of military rifles and PFC Trent shoots it most of the time.

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    And because of those listed above shenanigans, that is why I strictly enforce the Firearm's, "Don't Ask and Don't Tell" rule around my homestead. :cool:
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    guns in the house

    Heh Heh Heh, Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Sounds like a good idea to me. I will try it next time.