The shooting gods are with me...

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by danf_fl, May 19, 2014.

  1. danf_fl

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    I picked up a Bushmaster .308 (optics ready).
    The dude purchased it and never shot it.
    I went to WallyWorld and got a $80 3X9 scope and bore sighted.

    Took it to the range, and first shot was high.
    Adjusted elevation, and second shot was low.
    Adjusted elevation, and third shot clipped the "X" (at 25 yards).

    Saw a piece of wood in the berm (about 135 yards out), and hit it on fourth shot.

    Dern, it felt good.

    I got the gun, 3 - 20 round mags, 1 - 5 round mag, and 1 -50 round mag, plus the $80 scope, the total package came to less than $1400.
  2. Eagle1803

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    Sounds very nice, .308 always a good caliper.

    See if you can hit a golf Ball at 100 yards, sounds hard to some people but actually its easy when you have your **** dialed in right with all the steady hold factors.