The Senate Stage of the Colorado 2nd AMD Fight has Begun - WE NEED YOU!

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    The next stage of the fight for our Second Amendment rights in the state of Colorado has begun - and we need all of you!

    The fight is now taking place simultaneously in two committees of the state senate, as these legislators consider two separate sets of proposals.

    Judiciary Committee (Old Supreme Court Chambers, second floor of the Capitol)
    SB 195--CCW training

    SB 196--Assault Weapons "Responsibility Act" (Creates supply chain liability for anyone related to a gun used in a crime. A de facto ban.)

    HB 1224--Limiting the size of magazines

    SB ?--Prohibition of gun possession while under a restraining order
    [Aside: Apparently these guys are too stupid to realize that under Lautenberg's existing federal law amendment, this is already illegal.]

    State Affairs Committee (Senate Committee RM 356, third floor of the Capitol)
    HB 1226 Prohibiting Concealed Carry on college campus.

    HB 1228 Background fees (Poll Tax)

    HB 1229 Universal Background Checks

    WE NEED YOU! Please, reach out and flood these lawmakers with logic through both email and phone. Let them know we care about our rights! Please remember to be polite and keep your message short.

    Chairman Guzman--303-866-4862
    Vice Chairman Ulibarri--303-866-4857
    Senator Aguilar--303-866-4852
    Senator King--303-866-3077
    Senator Lundberg--303-866-4853

    State, Veterans and Military Affairs
    Chairman Giron--303-866-4878
    Vice Chairman Jones--303-866-5291
    Senator Crowder--303-866-4875
    Senator Harvey--303-866-4881
    Senator Hudak--303-866-4840
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    I would move if I were you.

  3. Bigcountry02

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    Liberal Commie rats from California (At one time was a great state, now fading fast). Pushing their agenda!
  4. sc00ts

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    Having watched the 3rd reading of the house bills last Monday and the democrats absolute ignorance/indifference to statistics and the voices of their constituents, I can say with full confidence that we're hosed. The house and senate are pushing their bull**** agenda and there's nothing we can do about it. Sen Giron has all but shut us out of town halls and has declared they will deal with subjects such as obama care, Medicaid etc in spite of huge turnouts by 2a advocates. BOHICA!

    WNGMSTR Troll Scout

    Colorado was developed with the gun, hard to swallow for such a magnificent state.

    i'm with ya Oddball....
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    Kalifornia liberals fled to Colorado because the liberal policies they supported ruined the state. Now they are pushing the same liberal agenda in another state. Then they will move on to another state. I swear liberals are a parasite. Destroy the host then move on to another healthy one.
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    That's what happens when liberals are allowed to breed!:D