the saiga any good?

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    i was looking to get any semi-auto rifle in cal but my selection is low and this is one that is legal i belive Russian American Armory if anyone gots any info on this rifle i would be glad to be filled in jams, range, ect.
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    i live in Florida so i don't know California law but i would NOT recommend sticking a hi capacity magazine in it for legal reasons because Ive heard cal is very would think since your governor is the friggin Terminator, it would be a little more lax over there lol

    The Saiga 7.62 is a great gun for the money... ok, so its not a "Real" AK. but you can get the AK reliability, functionality ,ruggedness in this rifle.. i would recommend the 7.62 to you ,over the NATO 5.56 because of cost and availability (cheaper) also its more powerful,

    the saiga 7.62 are built in the izshmesh factory where the original Kalashnikov's were produced and it is the same ak receiver that HAS been tweaked slightly to make it legal for import in the u.s. For Example .. It will Not, without some modifications ,function with a traditional AK magazine.the clips fit but dont feed correctly so if you are a big AK fan then you will think its cheesy. I've modified a 30 round ak clip to work in my saiga WITHOUT modifying the rifle itself so its possible .
    Ive also read that the saigas are a little more accurate than traditional AKs thanks to new innovations etc. so do your own research but i am very pleased with mine and would recommend it

    good luck

    ive posted on this site how to modify a standard ak clip (without modifying the rifle) to work in the saiga 7.62 , because if you convert the rifle to accept standard ak clips then it will no longer accept the little 10 rounder that comes with it and you may have legal issues there with that..
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    I have a 223 cal Saiga,and they are fun little guns to shoot. It will out shoot my Mini 14 hands down,but is nowhere near as accurate as an AR,or quality bolt action rifle,but within 100+ yrds they will hold there own as long as you just want a good shooter and not a match rifle. I bought mine when they were first imported for next to nothing,and they have shot up in price now like everything else.
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    Hey It an AK no need to say more, It shoots every time, Great gun to have Comes in .223, 7.62, 30-06, .308, And in Shot gun 12, 20, 410
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    If I could justify buying a shotgun, it would be a Saiga, such as the 12, and I don't even use shotguns. Don't yet use them, but any Kalashnikov combat shotgun, if not a rifle, would be the type to have (Youtube clips).
    The old mint-condition Remington (grandfather's) sits in a closet and I've never touched it, and brother won't use it but won't trade it).

    My brother and I watched some gentlemen from Alliance Arms test their fully automatic drum-fed Saiga 12 at a club range outside Evansville IN last August, as they developed a patent.
    It was most impressive.
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    I think he's talking about the saiga rifles, not the shotguns. Otherwise he would've started this post in the shotgun section of the forum. But, yes... the saiga shotguns are awesome!