The reason why the world can never defeat down America.

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    First Living Soldier Since Vietnam Awarded Military's Highest Honor

    This is why I believe America can never be defeated. I dont think there is a more concentrated population of heroes in the world. I doubt any Taliban fight would have attempted what Sgt Giunta did. They would have ran away and hoped to be able to attack Americans another day. Our fighting forces are the most courageous, honorable, and professional in the world. I will say though, this is the most impressed and proud I have been of our current liberal Congress. Giving the Medal of Honor to a living service member is something the Republicans never did under Bush. I think that is probably to blame of the Dems in Congress at the time. It has been way too long, and too many deserving heroes that have been snubbed the MOH simply because they did not pay the ultimate sacrifice. They finally got it right. Read the story, watch the video, I feel so proud to be an American knowing men like this keep us safe. I could only wish that I could say that I would have been able to do what he did. The story says that there are three men awaiting possible selection. This story makes me feel good. I need to get back in shape and re-enlist go I can associate with Americas finest again.

    Side note- In every high school in America on Fridays in the last half hour before school lets out into the weekend there should be a special class. They should take the last half hour of the week to tell the kids stories of American heroes and their amazing stories. Something to give them to ponder over during the weekend. Something to live up to as citizens. Maybe the sense of pride in country could return to the general population. - First Living Soldier Since Vietnam Awarded Military's Highest Honor

    [ame=]YouTube - ABC reports on Medal of honor winner Sgt Sal Giunta[/ame]

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    That is a great story and definitely a feel good piece - so everyone watch it. ;)

    The best part was what he has to say at the end about the Medal of Honor and who would be a receipent in his eyes.

    I agree that a lot of really heroic deeds have been snubbed because the person did not pay the ultimate price. This guy put himself well into harm's way and was able to stop his buddy, another soldier, from being taken hostage. Absolutely astounding set of brass balls on this guy, that is for sure.



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    A very good story. Thanks for the post
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    He's a very impressive young troop and thank God for his valor.