The REAL bullies in our schools are......

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    ...the School systems themselves. :mad:

    Middle School Students Denied School Lunch
    April 5, 2013 at 8:04AM by Zoe Bain
    Much to the outrage of parents, some students at a Massachusetts middle school this week were denied lunch. The 25 kids in question weren't allowed to eat because they couldn't afford to pay.

    According to the Associated Press, students who couldn't pay or who were behind on their pre-paid accounts were flat out denied lunch by an employee of the district's lunch supplier. Some students cried and others were forced to throw their perfectly good food in the garbage when it was determined that they couldn't pay.

    The responsible official, working for Whitsons Culinary Group of Islandia, N.Y., was placed on administrative leave after the incident. Superintendent Pia Durkin has since promised that, "There is no way any child in my district will ever go hungry. Children need to eat." A spokesperson for Whitsons Culinary Group also admitted that the situation was handled poorly and issued an apology to parents and students.

    When students are unable to pay for lunch they should be offered a cheese sandwich and milk. However, the official in charge didn't follow these regulations. There doesn't seem to be an explanation for why school employees who could have sorted out the issue weren't alerted to the problem during lunch.

    One boy saw a girl behind him begin to cry after being told to discard her food. His mother, Jen Ingemi says he offered to share. Other parents were infuriated by the incident. Father John Greaves stated that while, "there are people in prison who are getting meals, my daughter, an honor student, is going hungry."

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    I know at our school (which has affluent students mostly) that when students are behind they still get a PB&J with fruit or a cheese sandwich with fruit.

    It was a waste for those kids to be forced to throw out the food. They should have been allowed to eat it and been told that tomorrow they would be getting a cheese sandwich.
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    "You can't pay for that, so throw it away."

    Yeah, that makes perfect sense. :mad: