"The Pro-Gun Movement's Total Disregard for Our Constitution"

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    And from Mr. Horowitz, Sarah Brady's lapdog, you would expect...........what??:rolleyes:

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    The author is an idiot.

    You can't protect individual rights by establishing a strong government. Those are contradictory concepts. In fact, government was comparatively weak vis-a-vis other governments of the day.

    Our system of government, as defined by the Founders, is far, far more libertarian than anything either democrats or republicans embrace today.

    Civic responsibility is apart from government. Individuals should help others in need. Government should not have a hand in requiring individuals to help others in need. To do so leads to...well, where we are today.

    Mr. Horowitz doesn't seem to grasp that our system of government bears no resemblance to the current operation, size and scope of government today. It is not our system of government these people are objecting to, but the degree of liberty, if you'll excuse the expression, government has taken.

    The constitution defines the responsibilities and limitations of the federal government. Arbitration is not among its responsibilities, nor is it solely to ensure we each have an "equal voice". It is to ensure we all have unlimited freedom with the exception that none may injure another physically or through coercion or theft.

    I could go on, but why waste the time? Horowitz is a tool of the left. A firm, fruity tool.
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    Much like a banana. Found firmly planted in the tailpipes of many leftist motors for change.
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    Well you guys are right, this guy is a lefty hack who obviously hasn't read enough of Wayne LaPierre's opinions, thoughts, treatises, etc. to even form a valid opinion about the man's depth of concern for our individual rights and the liberties granted our nation as a whole.

    I like this line:

    No, the senators and congressmen make the laws in this country and they may not be "packing", but they sure have people with guns to back them up, from the military to the police.

    I could post more but you guys are right, it's not worth the time of day. But I will say this, guys like this irritate the bejesus out of me, sort of like a fly buzzing around your head that won't go away.
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    Ignorant bastards.
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    I believe the term is "Educated beyond his intelligence". The BOR lists things that a "strong central government" is NOT allowed to do.
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    This is really quite amusing, and bkt has done a wonderful job of cutting it up for us, but I'll just add that the founding fathers would have never approved of what we've become. They wanted states to govern themselves and the fed to be a small part of helping to resolve disputes between states. The first two amendments they considered the most important because any citizen should be able to speak against government, and if that doesn't work, the citizenry should be able to remove corrupt government...IF ALL ELSE FAILS. The purpose would not be anarchy, but to restore government to what the people want.

    "Private violence" has nothing to do with this discussion and just more proof the writer has no concept of what the founding fathers intended for America.

    By the way, reading literature on what the founding fathers DID intend is a great way to blow these idiots out of the water every time you see them. Stephen P. Halbrook is a great author and one of only two publishers read by the Supreme Court on the issue in his book, "The Founder's Second Amendment: Origin of the Right to Bear Arms" http://amzn.com/1566637929 which kept us from losing that right. Well worth checking out if you want verbal and intellectual ammunition.
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    I think I just threw up in mouth after reading that.
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    My IQ score just dropped.
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    Can't believe I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading that tripe.
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    hahahaha ok. The NRA JUST did this interview too...


    It's clear from the start, they were asking a question no one would satisfy with an answer. "perceived tyranny" and actual tyranny are two different things. In fact, they come right out and say it. They're not asking him, they're telling him.

    Also, this is from larry keane's twitter:

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    That doink isnt a creationist, he's a re-creationist! Those of us that "Cling to Religion and guns" are being presented as the problem while the 49% of America that pays few to no taxes are the victims of Christianity and Remington!

    The founders didnt have or want a Federal government big enough to protect or financially support Washington DC much less The CONUS! Until 30 years ago, there was no 911 and even today, 911 wont save you from a criminal intent of murder in the city or the country where it takes an hour to get a response!!!!!!!!

    The dorkus says that the government is the protector and savior to all the people but when nearly 50% of the people cant support themselves, how does this benevolent government get the money to support and defend us all?

    He is suggesting that the "More Perfect Union" is more important than our singular rights under that flag, thats BS! I suppose he didnt get the point of the word "More" because he's promising perfection even though nobody has ever found the key to Perfectville!
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    So, when he says "Our Constitution," which one is he referring to? Certainly not the US constitution.
    It resembles English, but that it has little to do with reality.

    So...My response to him:

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    The Brady Bunch, and the Coalition are comprised mostly of folks that are whining cowards, afraid to stand up and defend themselves, so they want to have "nanny" government protect them. And, of course, allowing the rest of us to defend ourselves would expose their cowardice, so they want to deprive the rest of us of tge tools to do so.

    Read my signatiure line, and you get a perfect description of Mr. Horowitz.
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    I would kind of like to watch the left's reaction to the NRA categorically saying "Yes. It is our responsibility to stand up to tyranny." It could be kind of fun.