The Price of Firearms?

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by BiggClipph, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. BiggClipph

    BiggClipph New Member

    Do the prices of firearms diminish over time? I really want the stainless cz 75b, but i'm not going to be able to afford it any time soon. If I was to wait 2 years and then get it, do you think it would be any cheaper?
  2. skullcrusher

    skullcrusher New Member

    I dunno, does the price of anything drop over time? Houses don't count because of the predatory lending thing....:eek:

  3. Bigcat_hunter

    Bigcat_hunter New Member

    The firearms manufacturers increase the price of the firearms at the beginning of each new year. So no, if you wait you wont save any money.
  4. Franciscomv

    Franciscomv New Member

    As others have pointed out, the price will go up (like just about anything, really). If you don't have all the money yet, try to find a place that has layaway or look for a used one.
  5. Benning Boy

    Benning Boy New Member

    His question makes sense, though. If I run a shop, and stock a 2008 XD, and it sits there, and the XDM comes out, why does the price continue to rise 2 years later on a model that is slowly being replaced?

    Too many crazy factors exist in the firearms price world. WW2 era guns would, logically, increase in value, as there is a finite amount. Until a cache is discovered, the market floods, and that rare Nagant pistol is everywhere, and can be had for 70 bucks.
  6. JiroZero713

    JiroZero713 Active Member

    No for the most part firearms after their sea settles...meaning their production runs and they are in the sea of the consumer...they only go up in value.

    That is why the gun is possibly the best investment known to man. It never loses it's value as long as you keep it cleaned, well oiled, and functional. It can only go up or stay the same, well unless it breaks or you **** it up.

    This is why you see muskets that were once 10 'dollars' back then go for 1000-10,000 dollars today as rare collectibles.
  7. Wheelspin

    Wheelspin New Member

    I think anything specialized that has a market and demand will hold it's value and maintain it's 'street' price. Sure a newer model may have improvements to make its retail price higher but that doesn't mean the older model automatically drops in price or value.
  8. TXnorton

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    Do the "prices" diminish over time? Generally no. However, you may find a better deal on a used firearm, if it is fairly recent, and is for sale competing in the market with new mechandise. Check your local pawnshops.

    Now, as to "value" - most of the firearms I bought in the 1970's - 1980's are now selling for 2-3 times what I paid for them at the time. But if you adjust for inflation, they are merely "holding" their value.

    Now if only I had not sold that 8" bbl Python in 1985, Damn!