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    Last evening , I watched the clouds move in out of the west .! Like all other days ,out of the west.! The skys had a hint of change , a most ominous grey slate vail moving over the horizon.! All things blackened , the leaves in the trees bowing to the power of the winds.! The sounds of tidal waves in a torrent of nature.!

    Then came the pelting hail , power crackles and fades , now , it is totally natural.! No sound , no light , no artificial aura of any kind ,man at the whim of nature.! 11 hours , and no power , lit only by candles and infantile pleasure.!
    One heck of a storm at that ! But I smile.! Those whom feel the power of nature ,Heed the warnings and find safe haven the power of nature knows no boundaries..!

    I awaken to dull sky's and much cooler , a sort o bone aching damp.!
    From the warm mid 80's to much cooler 30's yes , spring is here.!
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