The Police State: No Accountability

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by KalashnikovJosh, Oct 27, 2011.

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    The real question now is; is it too late to do anything about this? Not just this in particular, but the entire downward slide towards the police state?

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    Much of the para-militarization of local LE happened as a result of the war on drugs and the resulting inflow of gov't cash. The only way to end it now is legalize certain drugs and to cut off funding at the municipal level so that every small town and wide spot in the road cannot afford it's own rapid response team...ready at a moments notice to swoop down on some unsuspecting scofflaw or loud barking dog. Also, we must elect judges that respect the rights of the people against the power of the state. Somehow elected officials and officers of the state got the idea that their authority supercedes the rights of the people, they forget that we loaned them their authority and will take it away if they continue to abuse it.
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    I have just begun to wonder how realistic that really is. Voting out one power crazed person for another is not going to do anything. That's basically where we are right now. Vote as we may, the lack of enlightenment amongst the people, and even more so a general "I don't give a sh%^," attitude, makes almost all means of reinstalling the Constitution unrealistic.

    It feels like the country is very well too far gone to be recovered...
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    I saw nothing substantial in this Prison Planet video. It appeared the primary "culprit" was the UK police. I could not acertain what US LE agency allegedly requested the video be taken down. As typical with Alex Jones' mantra all LE agencies are evil and trying to take over the world.

    Google owns Youtube. They have the right to decide what material is available on their site. If there was evidence of brutality by police, then someone has a copy of the video. I would like to see it. If violations of the Constitution occurred, those responsible should be held accountable.
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    Oh boy I'm really interested in seeing where this thread goes. Now for my opinion. Things will not be getting better anytime soon. No where near enough people actually care and pay attention, let alone do anything about it. If they do, they're turned into an anti government domestic terrorist. The vast population in america sucks. Get ready for the worst. I just hope people will be willing to get out from behind their computer and actually pick up a rifle when the time comes. There is a war going on and it won't be won through peace.
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    The sheeple are under educated and media manipulated.

    Nobody wants to pay any attention to vehicle fatalities

    which are 25 times more common than shootings.

    The public eats up gun violence stories, and the media knows these

    highly exploited sensationalistic fabrications sell hard-on pills and dog food.

    Which, apparently, is the media's sole purpose in life.

    Most people are so poorly educated, that if they know they have rights,

    they don't even know what they are.

    Many can't even tell the Constitution and Bill of Rights

    from the Miranda ruling...
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    Google report reveals YouTube takedown requests... by country ? The Register

    Taken from a UK website, but there is a number of other news sites, i just chose the first one when googling, "google asked to take down youtube videos".

    Just FYI
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    And therein lies our problems today. A federal government which was allowed to grow so large that it took over authority of the school systems nationwide. With that power came the power to dictate what was, and wasn't, taught in school. A government looking to continue its growth will naturally leave out things which could indicate its guilt. The problems only pile on from there, but its a good starting point.
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    I firmly believe that my generation may be the last one to remember what this nation was like before the progressive agenda overwhelmed education and perverted american values. Younger generations are guilty of ambivalence but we are probably guilty of starting the slide downhill when we tolerated the radical anarchist groups rising out of the 60s unrest. They were not interested in fixing america, only in destroying it and now they are among the presidents closest advisors. The only fix now may be a terrible thing to witness.
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    I agree our generation might very well be the last one to remember
    what this nation was once like. But the blame is certainly way off
    target. The 'rotting process' began with the rise of the
    military-industrial-complex president Eisenhower warned us about,
    especially in these last 30 years of unprecedented greed and apathy.

    That is highly debatable. If you are looking at one slice of the pie
    I can see why such a statement might be made. But when looked at
    it as a whole you will see greater things, which cannot be measured
    in dollars, which came out of that period of political, spiritual, and
    educational unrest. The world suddenly became aware of itself and
    its potential good toward humanity. Until, again, the subject matter
    of the last 30 years impeded that stride.
  11. KalashnikovJosh

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    I don't understand where a report about Google censoring youtube videos has anything to do with the claim that "all cops are evil thugs".

    This is about,mostly,censorship.

    Sure,the issue at hand is the censorship of videos depicting ALLEGED police brutality (we are ALL supposed to be innocent until proven guilty,right?),but the raising of hackles at the issue of police brutality and the immediate defensive posture that accompanies the issue is/was not the intent of the post.

    The intent of the post is to call into question the main stream medias policy of silencing what it or its cohorts do not want voiced.

    Also,to call into question why the government wants to censor misconduct of its officials,which is a big issue IMHO as well.Wouldn't matter to me whether its the government employee in the DMV or in the white house -government censorship is a BAD thing.

    Raising the issue of the property rights of Google over youtube to censor whatever it likes is almost like a bold faced acceptance of main stream media censorship.
    While it is most certainly within the scope of rights that Google has over its own property to censor whatever it likes,its also the medias RESPONSIBILITY to report things in a fair and unbiased manner.
    When it does not,and instead it acts to censor things on behalf of a government entity,one can only come to the conclusion that its activity is similar to the Pravda state controlled media of soviet Russia.

    And with Google,thats really no surprise.

    After all,this is the company that likes to steal wi-fi data and publish everyones private info including pictures of their private property,like their residences, on the web.Personally,I'm not a big fan of Google.

    Essentially,while I agree that Google has the right to censor whatever it likes,other people have the right to report on what is being censored and by whom so that people can see the censoring entity for what it is.

    If the issue was censorship of war footage,or censorship of a Martian invasion,the point still remains-

    Censorship in the media,even done by private entities well within the scope of their rights,is a disservice to liberty and can only be stopped by holding the responsible parties accountable in other avenues of the media.

    "Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it."
    -Thomas Jefferson

    As far as credibility of media is concerned,Prison Planet has about as much of that as any other media outlet.Its not like the other media outlets don't color their reports with agenda biased this point,its a well known FACT.

    And ultimately,it doesn't really matter who is using their outlet to expose such censorship and agendism- it needs to see the light of day,be examined,and then based on its merit people can decide for themselves the validity of the issue at hand.

    Thats why I brought it to the forums attention-

    so that people could decide for themselves.

    Not to start a 'cop bashing' or 'thin blue line' thread- but to discuss censorship in the media and censorship in the government.

    So,lets not get into a bash fest,TY.
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  12. therewolf

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    Yeah, let's not start a cop bash fest here. It gets us nowhere.

    Most know my feelings about the thin blue line, many LEOs in my

    past have gone above and beyond in an apparent attempt to

    gain my distrust and disrespect.
  13. gutz47

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    Alls I wanna know is what's everyone gonna do when "they" come a knockin on your front door looking to take the last little bit of rights you think you got!?!

    As far as censorship and media, unless you see it for yourself, be skeptical. Always, and I certainly mean always, look at as many sources as you can. I listen to Alex Jones but that don't mean I take what he says to be the absolute truth. I also watch fownews, cnn, local news, I listen to npr, I read local and non local newspapers...I exhaust all my resources for information on current events, then I bring all opinions together and base my opinions on what I've seen everywhere. Getting your news from one source is an idiot move.

    Now cops, there's good ones out there...somewhere(obiously not in oakland ca.) They are a lot harder to find though. The majority of them abuse their power. But we let them. People seem to forget that there a whole hell of a lot more of us than of anyone. All we have to do is be strong together. Its up to us to change the things we do not like. Voting, to an extent, is an absolute joke. But I do it everytime. Not sometimes, but everytime. I'm an american damnit!
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    These concerns will be addressed in the manner they have always been addressed when 2 sides fail to find agreement. Raw violence has solved more human conflict than any other tool and will continue to do so.

    I just hope I don't live to see the second American Revolution.

  15. Sniper03

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    I agree with you! I also realize that the liberal news media is the number one cause of the demise of our true American ways along with our present government who the liberal press and ACORN got elected in 2008 by manipulating the system. First of all, in the film it was stated that it was OK for the News Media and Websites to show any act committed by the police on the public but they censored any acts committed against the police by the demonstrators. "What is wrong with this picture." In addition the words Prison.Com sure added credibility to the material didn't it!:rolleyes::rolleyes:. The fact is, I do not condone any true police brutality and all should be held accountable for their acts and flat terminated. But to spread the feeling that all law enforcement is violent and disrespectful of the public is part of the problem and not part of the solution. Regarding the press and others, it is not correct for us to make any slurs or comments or show negative things about anyone, but OK for the liberal press to carry out hate schemes against law enforcement, the public and anyone else they want to. I will end by saying the present scheme is to establish chaos and class disturbances and the news media (except FOX for the biggest part) are certainly supporting and promoting groups learning to hate the other through misinformation and propaganda! Bottom line it should not be shown over and over. I remember if I am correct, the liberals did not want the Twin Tower pictures shown on TV and the Web over and over since it might create hate! But it is fine if it for their cause isn't it! So let's just not prosecute and penalize those who commit illegal acts, as in the case of illegal police action, lets use it to create loss of respect and hate for all in the name of freedom of press!
    Bottom Line is that if a news media organization or website chooses for what ever reason including national welfare to remove material, the last thing we need involved is our government and court system (per the video) since it is the company's business. The government and the liberal courts are running too much of our lives at present the way it is!
    America! Let's wake up before it is too late.

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    The cop I hate the most

    He's the one who pulled me over a couple of years ago for speeding. I don't deny that I was, I got the wifey's caddy on the interstate and let that V8 sing. He clocked me doing 90 in a 70.

    In the end, this bass turd was so polite and professional, I was tricked into thanking him for the ticket.

    I called his supervisor and told him to give the guy a promotion.
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    I guess the reference to racial anarchist groups and our current president are linked by...... Race? Black=anarchist? Maybe there is something ugly about our generation that has survived. I refer to "our" generation as I am a baby boomer as I suspect you are.

    How did the highlighted thing work out? Did the Black Panthers destroy America and end life as we know it? Or were you referring to the hippies like Steve Jobs, who certainly did his part to destroy America. Which "American values" did we lose, or prevert?

    Part of the Boomer generation gave notice, to our government, that we would not follow their misguided rules or policies. We took to the streets and ended the Johnson administration and the war. Wow! The hippies and the Tea parties have something in common. Go figure.

    I would like for you to relate to us what your ideal America would look like.

    What is the terrible thing to witness that we must do to "restore" your America? Should we get rid of everone who does not look or think like we do? That was tried in the 1940s, in Europe, it didn't work out too good then.
  18. culdee

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    first off you need to read what I said, and what you highligted, "RADICAL" not racial. And if you do not know the difference between when we were not "protected" by the minnions of the TSA DHS, NSA,EPA, DEA, BATFE and when our government was run by elected officials and not appointees and bureaucracies. When the president obeyed the laws and did not rule by executive decrees and decide to "bypass congress". then you need to talk to some other old timers. I am not sure who the baby boomers are but I was born in 1948 and people did not fear law enforcement, they held them in high regard. It was a time when there were no programs in place to spy on Americans and which trully believed that you were innocent until proven guilty. I could go on for days but if you cannot see the difference you will "choose" not to. And I have never been a racist but it is becoming an acquired taste with this new administration. By the way I have been involved in many organizations that cross- racial-religious and national boundaries. So if you want to make a personal attack you ought to get to know the person first.
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    Y'all might want to consider the implications of the Obama Administration's resurrection of an Ed Meese position declaring government can thwart any FOIA request by simply stating " requested documents don't exist " "for reasons of national security" ! >MW