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    While i would never get myself a pink anything. My 4 year old was with me in the gun shop the other day (no i dont think shes to young to be in a gun shop) my wife does though. anyways. on the wall they had a pink cricket 22. while i have a few 22's i dont have anything that will fit her in a rifle and for 139.00 you really cant beat that deal. Does anybody know anything about the cricket's you really should of saw her face when she saw that gun and it was pink to it was classic
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    They're a good little rifle. Bolt action, so young shooters take more time for each shot and learn not to waste ammunition. They're a great size for little people.

    We sold them at the shop where I used to work and I never heard one complaint about them.

    I'm sure others will chime in, but that's my thoughts on the subject.

  3. canebrake

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    Only heard good things. [​IMG]
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    My neighbor just bought one for his short 8 year old. I almost did buy a cricket for my son when he was 7, but for whatever reason got a Marlin 60 instead. The Marlin was long and heavy for my 7 year old. He didn't have as much fun shooting it as he would have if I had gotten the cricket. The cricket was closer to the weight and size of his pellet gun (and he loves the pellet gun).

    Besides, once they grow out of it Dad can use it as a pistol!:D
  5. armoredman

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    CZ offers the 452 Scout 22 rifle in pink too, nice to see the girls included.
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    The Cricket it a great little rifle to start teaching your young one with. Little girls have that "Pink Power" thing you know.
    If she is interested in learning to shoot (or even shows any curiosity in firearms), it's time to teach her. Just remember the old saying "Curiosity killed the cat", take away that curiosity with proper training and you won't have any problems with the youngsters. They are never too young to start. I started my grandson at age 3. At age 6 now, he can outshoot most adults with his 10/22. Just recently started him on a handgun, Old Model Ruger Bearcat. He took to it like a natural. Keep your kids safe with the education they need and deserve and you will have great times together............

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    My son has a black Crickett. He loves it! Had it going on 4yrs now. I just put a scope on it for his B-day. Not an expensive scope, but its a scope nonetheless. He really likes it now. It is a pretty good shooter aswell. I grab it usually for the local ground hogs. Never missed one yet.
  8. bugeye

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    when I bought my daughter a walther P22, she abandoned her cricket.
    now it's my go-to gun. light as a feather, accurate enough, and a great trigger for such a cheap gun. my full size rifles languish in the gun cabinet.
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    I saw a guy at the range this week with one of these rifles an his two children, a girl probably 6 or 7 and a boy about 4. I watched them for a little while and it was perfect for the kids. Dad was doing an awesome job with the kids and they were having an absolute blast.
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    girls and guns

    I stepped in the LGS for some ammo, had the two daughters along, As I was paying for the ammo, We could hear excited girl chatter from the show room area, the shop keeper checked his the monitor and had me come n look, both girls were taken by the cuteness of a Jimney cricket .22 they held a blued model with black synthetic stock, so on impulse I bought it for about what the fella mentioned above, only FOB Arctic Alaska coast 5 years ago,(I figure anything that gets girls interested in shooting is good?) since then the kids love shooting it and leave the others at home (marlin 110, savage73Y, Ithica 49, and a H&R) since then the dealer got in a batch of pink ones which set off the girls again when we returned for more plinking ammo, so bought a second in Pink and stainless for considerbly more coin, they drag them things all over and they keep shooting:D
    I love it that they can easily pick up one and right away hit stuff with it, something they were having problems with of the other .22's the manual cocking knob is a safety feature a Dad can appreciate!

    On the jimney Cricket web site one can order a adult proportioned stock(several types and materials to choose from) and a scope mount and retain the same basic gun and upgrade to the next level for your young shooter!

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    I bought my daughter a Pink Mossberg 802 Plinkster which is a bolt action with a magazine feed, I thought about the Cricket, But for an extra $30.00 I went with the Mossberg.


    Very fashionable
  12. big shrek

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    When girls get older & taller, here's a nifty mod!!

    My Wifey's 1980 Marlin 60 w/ Boyd's Thumbhole "Natural" stock stained pink.

    Just got her the pink trigger guard from DIP too :)
    Diversified Innovative Products - Product Detail - Limited Edition M60 "Pink" Trigger Guard - $53.97

    Next thing will be a Pink Duracoat/Ceracoat/etc for the action/barrel/tubemag...haven't decided which process to use yet...
    but it'll finish the Pink Process ;)

    Mind you, my wifey is a Retired Marine Gunny...every since she got out of the Corps, she's been on a Pink kick...
    no more camo for her...unless its Pink Camo...(my eyes, my eyes!!