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  1. Back40Bob

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    Hi Gang,

    I would like to get new shotgun. I want it primarily for self defense but would also like to be able to use it in a hunting situation if SHTF.

    If you could buy a gun, which would it be and what type of loads would you have for it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. orangello

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    Sounds like you could make use of a Mossberg 500 pump-action 12 guage to me. I bought mine for hunting back in the mid-nineties and have since added a 18.5" barrel for home defense use. I also changed out the aging wood furniture with some plastic bits. If i want to hunt, i change out to the 28" barrel in a minute or two.

    Loads is a bit more subjective; i keep buckshot in mine with a #7 or #8 for the first shell. I keep a couple of slugs handy in a "side saddle" shell holder that mounts to the side of the receiver & cost maybe $30. I was told that Walmart charges about $200+change for the standard mossy 500 with a hunting barrel; my shorty barrel cost $85~.
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  3. ScottA

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    I don't own one, but I'd go with the shotgun that has probably sold more than anything else... Remington 870.
  4. DrumJunkie

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    That Mossy 500 is one of the better shotguns out there for SD situations. I have a Remington 870 Express I use for that situation but it's mainly because I got a hella-deal on it. Otherwise the 500 would be in it's place. Either of the two are good for it really. Aftermarket parts are everywhere and they are not real expensive. Both are very reliable.:)
  5. billdeserthills

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    Don't listen to these guys, you need a Saiga 12 ga. Built on the AK-47 platform the Saiga can be fitted with stick mags holding 5-12 rounds or drum mags in a 10, 20 or 30 round unit. Different size chokes are available from the manufacturer
  6. onceremovedtwice

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    thats a great shotgun but your going to spend about a thousand dollars on just the basics not to mention the 300-500 drum mags and the infinite aftermarket stuff i have both the 870 and the 500 and in my opinion the 870 "wingmaster" is a far better shotgun than the 500 w/ a much easier takedown /fieldstrip and sturdier lockup and could be found at any pawn/gun shop for around $150-$220 .but the express 870 i feel is about the same grade as the 500 . when loaded for s/d i keep 7 1/2 field express "high brass" in it , keeps the other people in the house a little safer but makes my point @7yrds
  7. davemccarthy707

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    I own 3 shottys. Winchester 1300 defender. A Maverick 88 (cheaper mossy 500), and a Benelli Nova. Any of these will do what you want. Any good pump shotgun will do what you need. So long as you get out and practice with it and are comfortable with its function and features. Personally I hate the Remington 870, however its a simple function issue with me. I am sure millions of people can't be wrong. Get whatever fits and shoot the heck out of it.

  8. deathkricket

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  9. spittinfire

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    Winchester 1300. Mine is the Turkey model and with a shorter barrel and changable chokes I can do anything with it. Takes 2 3/4 & 3" shells.
  10. Eastex_Guns

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    It really depends on what type of hunting you will likely do? I haven't hunted Colorado for anything requiring a scatter gun so I have no clue what game you would be after. But, whatever it is, you will want a shotgun that outlasts the amount of hunting you intend to do. The amount of hunting I do requires a well built gun. I will often shoot upwards of 1000 rounds in a weekend and the less expensive Mossbergs and Mavericks will just not hold up.

    For home defense, hearing the cambering of a round is a real deterrent, but if they are already within ear shot then you have already lost the first battle. Pumps are great for sound effects but to double as a hunting gun you can give up the sound effects for a semi. (This is hoping that 1) you will use the gun far more for hunting than for home defense, and 2) that if they are already that close you want one in the tube for expediency.)

    At minimum I'd go for the Remington 1100 for low end relatively inexpensive, and if you intend to be shooting a lot then move up to a sturdier made gun.

    But, there are a lot of differing opinions on the matter, and the only one that matters is yours.... you're the one that has to be happy in the end.
  11. pumpkinball

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    No price range listed... I have one word... "BENELLI" !!!
  12. jetgirl

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    I bought a Winchester 1300 Ranger for trap and a Remington 870 express for Home Defense.
    After playing around with the 870 and some clays, I realized I liked it better for that, too.
    I think it's an all around good choice for both.
    In fact, I decided to sell the 1300 because it just sits there not being shot. Every gun deserves someone to luv on it. :D
  13. hunter Joe

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    Bob, if you going to use the shotgun for hunting, no matter what you buy, get one with a 28 inch barrel.

    You can always buy a shorter barrel later if you really think it's necessary for home defense. The shorter barrel will help you maneuver though the casa better without knocking over lamps and such, but a longer barrel is necessary for hunting game.