The other than .45 ACP 1911 pistol

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    This has always been a little issue for me.

    Why do people insist that the 9mm/40 S&W/10mm chambered 1911 is not a 1911? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.......

    I understand some of the different designs out there like the external extractor, and some of the older knockoffs have a rocker-style trigger. I'm not talking about those.

    I'm talking about a true to specs 1911, but the only difference being it is chambered in 9mm, 10mm, or .40 S&W.

    The reason behind this question is I am looking to purchase a 10mm Colt Delta Elite sometime in the future. I asked a gun dealer about some specifics regarding a nice specimen in his case. He told me over and over "That's not a 1911 cuz it's not a .45 caliber." is a 1911 that is chambered in a different caliber other than .45 ACP.

    With that logic, I can say that the only true Glock is the original Model 17. All other calibers aren't Glocks. They are just knock offs.......

    It burns me sometimes to hear the stupid statements some people will make in order to sound smarter than you.......

    What say you, forum members? It's my opinion that a 1911 comes in many different flavors, not just one caliber.

    Flame on!!!!! (not really)
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    I would agree that 1911's in other calibers but otherwise the same are 1911's. But I suggest calling them 1911-40 or 1911-9 or 1911-10 depending on caliber just for clarification.

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    I would absolutely LOVE a springfield EMP 40 1911. :)