The one that got away!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by sweeper22, May 24, 2011.

  1. sweeper22

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    I'm sure many have a similar story to this...

    So my dad calls me last week to invite me to an auction with a handful of guns/ammo being among the items up for bid. I kind of had my eye on a couple pistols, but ended up skipping out with other things on my plate.

    He called to let me know what the pistols went for, and the deals weren't good enough that I'd have won them. But then he tells me that a like new Colt AR-15 went for $400. That's right, $400. Unfortunately, he's not really into the whole firearms thing enough to know market value. I told him that at that price, we could have moved it along in a couple of days for a $500 profit (that is, if I wouldn't keep it for myself).

    Oh well, opportunity missed. Who knows what it would have gone for if there was one more interested party.
  2. Gloves

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    That would have given me a bad case of the culda-woulda-shouldas.

    next time, right?

  3. FaTmAn

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    You know its kind of funny when an auction with any firearms comes along my wife seems to have spent all the money the day before. So I have what i call the sock fund every paycheck i put 20.00 away in my safe when i was a kid it was a sock.
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    Don't fret too hard over it, I've had dozens of painful experiences such as yours. Blow it off, because if you would've been in there bidding, chances are that the other bidder would've been prepared to go up another $200-$300.

    THEN, (another scenario to help ease your mind. ;)) we all know that the buyer is celebrating like there's no tomorrow. . . however there's the possibility that he was set out to get that gun and would have even played hardball to get it ! ? ! ?

    There'll be another one! ! ! like the previous member illustrated, it's a good idea to have a savings for a surprise gem! :)
  5. 9mmar

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    I have missed several good deals. But I just start looking for the next one.