The old cow

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    Hillary Clinton was in the back of her limousine riding along a country road… When all of a sudden the farmers cow walked right in front of them…The driver tried to swerve and miss it but to late he hit and killed it…Stopping the limo Hillary said to the driver I feel bad about killing the farmers cow…I want you to go to the house and tell them what happened and make the apology on my behalf.

    The driver goes to the house and come back to the limo an hour later clothing all torn off drunk off his *** and smoking a big cigar. Hillary asking him what happened… and the driver said, “ I rang the door bell and the farmer answered so I told him I was the driver for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and I just ran over the old cow, Next thing I know the farmer is shoving a cigar in my mouth and his wife hands me a bottle of scotch and there 19 year old daughter ripped my cloths of and had sex with me right there.”
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    BWAAAHAHAHAA thats great :D