The Mighty Mosin-Nagant!

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Joshua M. Smith, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Joshua M. Smith

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    After owning several different carbines, some black, some semi-black (a cherry Camp 45 comes to mind; got rid of it to a collector because I kept wanting to SHOOT it!), I have come back to the first rifle I owned, a Mosin-Nagant.

    In Indiana, we cannot use rifle-caliber rifles for deer hunting, so I was raised mostly on slug guns and .22 rimfires. I always kept a shotgun around for defense.

    Now, I've lived in the country for most of my 33 years. I was born in the country, and except for college, haven't left. I like stepping out the back door to shoot.

    The Mosin-Nagant is capable, correctly set-up, of 1.5 to 1MOA groups, with sub-MOA groups not being uncommon.

    I find it very efficient at knocking over whatever I need to knock over, and, having figured out "sticky bolt syndrome", I can work it as fast as a lefty can work a bolt action, and faster than I can work most bolt actions as, reaching over, I encounter a straight bolt instead of a bent bolt.

    Though I prefer one handgun or another for home defense because it leaves one hand free, the Mosin-Nagant would be formidable, not for its rate of fire, but for its bayonet. I think anyone who has ever been in the martial arts (and most people who have not) can appreciate a long, pointy object on the end of a heavy wooden pole.

    I do have plans to build a .223 precision bolt action that will match my Savage rimfire target/"squirrel sniper" rifle, and I will build a companion AR to the bolt rifle. However, the main battle rifle, I feel, will always have a place in my home, whether the rifle in question is a Mosin-Nagant, M1A or Garand, or even old Japanese Arisakas and German Mausers.

    What say you? Do we still have folks here who enjoy old school, and utilize them for pest control purposes?

  2. General_lee

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    I love old battle rifles like the Mosin Nagant's, Garands, Mausers, Schmidt Rubin, etc.
    Would love to start a collection, just don't have the money right now. If I did have an old gun like that, I would definitely have to shoot it.... at the range.... sadly I don't live out in the country, so I can't use my guns for yard pest control:(

  3. jpattersonnh

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    I think old school as you call it is pretty much all I talk about here.
  4. towboater

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    Got 3 of em. Lots of fun to shoot.
  5. Boyerracing343

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    Love my mosin. I wish i was able to get out and shoot it more than i do.
  6. Rex in OTZ

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    Love em hate em

    I started out buying a antique 1891 (1897 tula) model 91 [sa] marked in 1989 them days one could buy them in bunches of 6 for $90 outta shotgun news
    had buddies make lamps of actual westinghouse mfg model 91
    the most them ever kept was 7 and paired it back to two, a Chinese type for $39 said needed parts, only missing the cap on end the stock and a P-27 (parts) sold the Type and kept the old p-27(parts gun)
    The P-27 with correct ammo will pace right along side my savage 110 in 30-06 for accuracy, mayber better for the Mosin as it has a better scope.
    over last few years had some and sold em off and bought more, hard to say if I'd get more, I have been picking up rifles with exposed mags a 1891 carcano, a 1891 Argintine mauser, the P-27 to mention a few
  7. erikthebald

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    I have both a K-98 that my dad left to me and a Mosin Nagant 91/30 that I picked up about a year ago. I saw the $99 price tag and thought, "I'd be stupid not to buy this" and not t truer thought have I had.

    I've got a 2x7 scout scope on the Mosin and a 3x9 on the Mauser and, when I'm having a good day, shoot either to about an inch, even with my old eyes.

    I'd have to say the the recoil on the Nagant is far more severe than my Mauser.

    I've got to agree, I seriously like my Nagant.

    Say what you want about the Russians, Their economic systems and political ideas may read like something out of Mad Magazine, but they can build a rifle.
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  8. M14sRock

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    Moldy old MilSurps follow me home like lost puppies. So I agree with you completely.
  9. wmille01

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    love'em like a brother, got a mosin next is a enfield or svt40
  10. lukeisme

    lukeisme New Member

    I love old military rifles, I have have fun shooting my 6.5 ialtian carcono, 7.7 jap, mosin nagants, yugo 8mm, schmidt rubens etc. There is something about the feel of the old bolt actions that hard to describe. Maybe its just the fact that you are keeping a piece of history alive and well. Plus you get the fun of reloading for and shooting them. My wife hates it when I go to a gun show cause she knows there is going to be another one and all the stuff to reload for it will soon follow...:D
  11. Colossal Urprising

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    I love my Mosin. Pictured lower right hand side....


    I have a new, better scope on it since I took this pic.