The Mighty 500 S&W Magnum!

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by cliffspot, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. cliffspot

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    OUCH! I shot 2 today, a 8 and 3/8' with ports and a 4' With muzzle brake. (Not 'break', It brakes the muzzle!) I am not recoil sensitive so saying these are BEASTS from hell is not unfounded! My boss does all the gun shows and he and his partner constantly see used 500's for sale. Only shot twice, once by the owner and once by his friend. Back in the box with a box of 18 rounds and FOR SALE! LOL
  2. Vikingdad

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    I fired one a few times at the range. It was milder than my Casull! You have to know how to roll with the recoil. A big SOB firing it will be able to handle the recoil better. I am 6'4" and 165 lbs so I am not a heavy guy but I can shoot the Casull and the .500 for several rounds. Oh yeah, I can hit the target at least some of the time.

  3. Durangokid

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    They look like a hand full. It seems a lot of guys around here are shooting them. A friend of mine who shoots one started having severe hand pain at night. An X-Ray showed many hair line Fracs in his hand. He told them he had been using a Jack Hammer didn't want the insurance to turn down his claim. He had to have a very expensive operation. I Just love big handguns.:)

  4. HKSlinger

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    When I see those things fired I think, yeah,ya better get the bar with the first shot. :D May make a good little carbine round.
  5. wmille01

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    Ya the 500 will kill you just shooting it, I shot a short barrel and almost hurt myself, Kind of want to get a long barrel just to see how it would do with deer or hogs. As in will there be enough left of the animal to eat.