The Magical Talisman Gun

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    The Magical Talisman Gun

    In response to popular demand, Yes We Can Labs has developed the Magical Talisman Gun.

    Hand-forged by Wiccan High Priestesses in the bowels of Mt. Mordor,

    the Magical Talisman Gun is forged out of an alloy of Philosopher’s Stone and Dark Matter,

    and work is only done under a full moon.

    Responding to the needs of those who reject the inconvenience of carrying a real gun,

    Yes We Can Labs has developed this revolutionary concept of self-defense through harnessing the power of The Force.

    Just wave the gun in the air three times and evil spirits and goblins will immediately be dispelled.

    Whether it’s one adversary or a whole combat brigade,

    just the sight of this powerful amulet will send the bad guys packing. It’s just that easy!

    Check out this list of features:

    * Easy to carry - Weighs Just Three Ounces; won’t drag down your pants!
    * Economical - Since you never shoot or practice with it, you save money on ammo.
    * Concealable - With a weight of just Three Ounces and a thickness of a Quarter Inch,
    you can conceal it in a bikini bottom!
    * Environmentally Friendly - Leaves no gun smoke or heavy metal in the environment;
    just a few wisps of ectoplasm remain in the air after use.
    * No Kick - Since it relies completely on magical power, it has no recoil.
    * The cute little dolphins are there just for good luck, because you’re going to need it.

    Remember: Just Wave It In The Air
    And Bad Guys Disappear!

    Only $600 , Cash, Checks and Sacred Cows Accepted!

    Yes We Can Labs
    Where Statistics Trump Ballistics

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