The Log Cabin of youth

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    "What are you going to do brother?" asked Sarge's sister, Mary Jane.
    "I am going to build a log cabin, so we can have someplace to play, sis." replied Sarge.
    "Can I help?" little sister begged.
    "Well I guess so, why don't you make us some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and put some cookies in with them. It will take us all day I am sure." said Sarge.
    (this took place when Sarge was just 13 yr's old and his little sister was 12 yr's)
    So with Sarge's John Deer tractor pulling the stone boat (if you don't know what this is, it is a sled like boat that was used to haul stones out of the field and a mirade of other chores) loaded with saws, hammers, ax, and other supplies Sarge and his sister chugged out into the pasture where there was a big stand of trees along a crick.
    First thing Sarge decided was they needed to get some energy so they sat down on the tractor hitch and ate some cookies. (A habit that stays with Sarge still) That done with, Sarge took the ax to the first tree that would be the start of their log cabin. Sarge had seen pictures of log cabins in his school books so he knew what they should look like when they were finished.
    Much sore hands with blisters later.
    "Brother, it is getting time to do the chores, we need to get back to the house." said little sister.
    "I know but we have only got two logs cut. We will have to work on it tomorrow too." Sarge said wearily.
    The next day and every day there after the two siblings worked on the log cabin. Finally at the end of the month they had 4 walls and a couple of logs stretching from corner to corner. That was the end of summer and school was starting so it was also the end of the log cabin project. They never did get a log cabin built that they could play in but they would go by it every now and then and try to prop up some more logs on top.

    Fast forward 40 years and Sarge and his little sister, Mary Jane, are back in Sioux City, Iowa visiting with their family.
    "Hey sis, you want to go back out to our old farm?" asks Sarge.
    "Do you think you can still find it, brother, you know how you get lost all the time." she asked back.
    "It's a cinch, besides that is why I asked you to go with me and guide me. My guide dog is sick this week. LOL " said Sarge.
    "Ho Ho big smart alec, lets go." came back little sister.
    The roads hadn't changed at all and the old farms seem to be unchanged too. Soon the two were driving into the gate of the farm they had lived on as children.
    "They have moved the house down closer to the road. See and they built a new barn." sister pointed out.
    Yes, now they will not have the fun of snowblading out that long lane like we did. LOL" quiped Sarge.
    After getting permission from the new owners Sarge and his sister started walking. So many memories they picked up as they trod the paths of their childhood.
    "I can see the windmill, we must be close to where the old house used to set." Sarge exclaimed.
    "So if the old house was there then our log cabin had to be on that hillside over there." sister pointed.
    "You think it is still there, sis?" asked Sarge.
    "Lets go see, wouldn't it be neat if someone finished it for us." she bubbled.
    The walk to the wooded hillside that was so long for short kid's legs was so quick for grownup legs that they almost missed it.
    "It should be somewhere around here, see where I cut down the trees." mentioned Sarge.
    "There it is!" she shouted.
    And the two "children" stood side by side and gazed apon the cluster of fallen logs, overgrown now by weeds and looking more like a small log jam than a cabin.
    "It was a pretty neat log cabin, wasn't it Sis?" Sarge said.
    "Yes and we built it all by ourselves. Good thing we didn't go into the carpenter trade huh big brother?"
    The laughter of the two rang through the trees and they walked back down the old path, arm in arm. What a glorious day to remember their youth.
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    Memory Lane

    Sir; those are the memories:) Special ones we all garner. While reading, my mind rejoiced my early years.
    Thanks for the jogging:)

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    I have 4 sisters, Mary Jane is the closest in age. We double dated during high school. Her my buddy and me his sister. The only thing we differ on is politics. Which we agreed to not mention when we are together.