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    Here in the Great State of Taxisota or mosquitoland, a while back I was miffed when the DNR started to recommend that harvested deer be transported out of sight. All of my life I have enjoyed seeing what other hunters were taking home.
    Their reasoning was that our world is divided into three groups; pro-hunting, anti-hunting, and the largest group being neutral -neither pro nor anti. To survive politically we did not want to move those in the neutral group to the anti group. It had nothing to do with right or wrong. It had nothing to do with what was legal and what was not. Because things are decided by the ballot box, don't get people excited against you. From my perspective, perhaps it is not a bad idea to back off on the open carry. We can win a battle or two but we need to win the war.
    I'm glad for the laws permitting open carry, I'd surely hate to be busted for someone spotting the bottom edge of my holster and then claiming i was "flashing". What if exception was taken to a gun "printing"?
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    This thread is probably more appropriate for the concealed carry forum, since it appears to me you're raising the "concealed vs. open carry" argument.

    In Georgia, with the proper licensing, one may carry either openly or concealed, so we have no "printing" or "brandishing" concerns to deal with.

    I carry for one reason: that of my own personal safety and that of those I care about who might be with me. I prefer to be anonymous and unidentifiable as being armed, and therefore I carry concealed.

    If one chooses to open carry, I support your right to do so, but you are giving up the element of surprise. To those who might be put off by seeing an armed person, I say "get over it." The carry community is comprised of highly responsible and lawful citizenry, and as ambassadors of the Second Amendment the ones I have been around have been excellent role models.