The KEL-TEC .380 and .32 Pistols

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    I am looking at purchasing either a KEL-TEC .380 or a .32. Does anybody here already own one of these pistols? If so, what is the real-world reliability that you experience?

    There seems to be a 50/50 opinion out there, and I'm just curious if it's the same here.

    I already have a negative mark against the .380 because of no slide stop, but that can be worked around if need be.

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  2. jeepcreep927

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    I have a P3AT that goes in my pocket everywhere. It's about as convenient as a gun can get. This is only my back up gun, but it fills the role well.

    I have about 50 rounds of FMJ through it and about 20 Hydra Shocks. The first few magazines through it, the first round would hang up on the feed ramp upon charging manually, requiring the slide to be pushed forward to chamber the round. Never hung up in actual cycling though.

    The recoil is a bit "snappy", but it's perfectly reliable so far. I wouldn't worry about the slide stop one bit. On a gun this small I think it's more of a detriment.

    Good luck.

  3. BillM

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    Have had a P32 for years. Has over a thousand rounds through it with no problems,
    mostly FMJ. I carry it with Silvertip HP's, and they run 100%. Only thing I ever found that it didn't like was Fiocchi half jacketed lead roundnose. For some reason the soft
    lead nose would hang up on the feed ramp.