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If this isn't already old news, I thought I'd post it here so that everyone can understand the depth of immorality that the anti-gun crowd will sink to.

The link posted below depicts a map of where gun owners live, to include law enforcement officers. Apparently a newspaper decided to push their agenda and publish the names and addresses of all the gun owners (made possible by a "progressive" state with one of those innocent firearms owner registrations).

Journal-News New York Firearms Owners Map

The irony of the map is that it shows all the criminals where they can find victims who are most likely unarmed. It's pretty well known that criminals of all sorts prefer victims who can't fight back.

It seems that the newspaper in question has decided to post armed guards at its offices. I guess if you believe enough in your agenda you can justify murder. Oh, wait, that's right - Obama already did that and has used drones armed with missiles to kill American citizens.

In case anyone didn't already know, this is a sign of things to come.
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