The incredible power of "H" you gotta see to believe

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    This might only be new to me but I doubt it.

    [ame=]YouTube - Water power[/ame]
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    That is amazing stuff right there.


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    BIG OIL will try and kill it.....There's to much money in big oil and they will try like h#ll to kill it.....They have so fare to this day.....Maybe just maybe one day we will wake-up....soon hopefully....I'd like to see something new like this happen but BIG MONEY just won't let it....They will pay the guy off and kill the paten again........
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    this guys is scamming the news media LOLOLOL!!!!

    please dont be suckered by this idiocy.

    in theater there is a term called "step into the limelight" this is because before the turn of the century (1900) theater stages were lit by using a gas mix called H2O2 this created a brite lite slightly green or lime colored lighting. this gas was extremely dangerous due to its 2800 degree burning temperature. HHO was the forerunner of oxy acetyline welding and most basic welding history texts talk about it at great length. dont believe me go look it up yourself the old texts are readily available printed long before "big oil" existed.

    HHO welders are still around today used for limited applications like fusing glass since it is soot free unlike oxy acetyline. he isnt pouring tap water into the wielder its a special pure form of water that is derived through filtration and is redily available in grocery stores used in hospitals called sterile water. this is used as a catalyst in the hho welder. it takes more energy to run the welder than the heat it produces. dont believe me go buy a hho welder plug it into your house current and SEE what your meter says when you run the thing long enough to produce a usable quantity of gas to run a car any distance. your bill will be astronomical.

    you can rig up oxy acetyle to run in a car engine or if you wish any combustible gas or liquid capable of beaing aerosilized and ignitable by spark willl do the trick. running hho in an engine decreases the fuel economy. gasoline is just the most efficient liquid for the purpose.

    hho gas is really dangerous more so than oxy acetyline many people died in theaters due to stage light explosions and performers setting their costumes on fire getting to close to the lime lights.

    please dont be fooled by quackery. all the info on hho is readily available in texts dating back almost 150 years well before "big oil" conspiracy theory existed.

    channel 24 there should be ashamed of themselves for being suckered into doing a serious story on a nutball.
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    yeah i know, i want to believe too :( but its quackery and easily proven hoax.

    research pre-turn of the century(1800-1900) technology and history and culture its quite fascinating. those guys back then make bill gates and steve jobs look like blithering idiots.
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    Don't just write this down- get it as a TATTOO so that you will have it with you at all times-


    There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, you can split water into O2 and H2 by electrolysis. It takes more energy to do that than you get from burning the O2 H2. Cool flame? Yeah, sure.

    However, being the GENIUS that I am, have discovered a way to GREATLY enhance fuel mileage, but the oil companies will try to suppress it.

    I put BIG tires on the back of the car, and LITTLE tires on the front. Since the car is always going downhill.......

    BTW, Limelight used a ball of lime heated by gas flame until it incandesced. Oxy/hydrogen was very high heat, did good job of heating the lime.
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    Also, the video was uploaded in 2006........