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    I got this email from the Commander of my Submarine Veterans Home Base

    The below news is not totally accurate. I ran into the Home Depot issue a couple of weeks ago. After having received the veteran's discount for most of the past year, I was denied the discount on March 23rd. I contacted Home Depot's corporate customer service dept, and was pretty much blown off. Their reponse to my inquiry was:

    Dear Mr. Koogler,

    The Home Depot is dedicated to supporting and honoring our men and women
    in uniform through our business practices, recruitment efforts and
    corporate contributions. We offer this discount to thank our soldiers
    for their outstanding service to this nation. I am terribly sorry if
    the terms of the Military Discount policy do not permit everyone to
    utilize the discount year round. We certainly do not mean for the
    policy to offend in any way.

    I have copied the Military Discount policy below. If the policy has
    been misrepresented in any way, please let us know.

    Effective March 1st, 2010 we began offering, when asked, a year round
    10% discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or
    disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID. All
    other military veterans will qualify for a 10% discount during normal
    holiday events (e.g., Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day).
    Customers must have one of the valid IDs listed below
    • Active Duty Military ID card with a picture
    • A retired Military ID card with a picture
    • VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) - MUST have the words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture
    • Active Military and Retired Military ID card for spouse/dependents
    A retired veteran must have qualified and gone through retirement with
    the Military. Disabled Veterans should have a Veteran's Identification
    Card (VIC) that is given to them from the Department of Veteran's
    Affairs. The VIC and their Driver?s License should be sufficient
    identification to get the everyday Military Discount.

    Samantha F. DeVaney
    Resolution Expediter - Email Team
    The Home Depot Corporate Office|B4
    2455 Paces Ferry Road|Atlanta, GA|30339
    Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00pm ? 8:00pm

    My reply was:

    I'm well aware of the policy. Perhaps you really do "honor and support our men and women in uniform", but you certainly don't "honor and support" all of those who have worn the uniform in the past. A veteran is a veteran... and in my opinion, and the opinion of all veterans with whom I've discussed the Home Depot veteran discount policy, your policy should apply to ALL veterans, in uniform or not... retired, disabled, or not: either all veterans should be eligible for the discount, or NO veterans should be eligible for the discount. Your claim that you support all veterans is an insult.

    My lone "complaint" won't change your policy, and perhaps a thousand complaints won't change it either, but I had to voice it. I'm sure I'll still shop at Home Depot... occasionally... for very minor purchases. But I can assure you that my loyalty and most of my business will now be directed to another store or chain.

    Date: 4/5/2011
    To: Distribution List
    NEWS-01: Home Depot Policy changes
    Submitted by: Brian Steffen on 4/5/2011
    Brian Steffen, USSVI National Service Officer, just got off the phone with Home Depot corporate offices and found out that Home Depot now only gives discounts to active duty, active reservists and “service connected” veterans.

    The prior rules were that any vet got the discount. Your retired ID card will not be enough to get any discounts it must be one of the above. To clarify the “service connected” requirement; any veteran that has a service connected disability incurred as a result of service in any of the branches of service and assigned a (%) from the VA after claims process and have a VA ID card with “Service connected” under your picture.

    Remember if you were ever injured or hospitalized or medically treated during your career you are eligible for putting in a claim with the VA to receive compensation, if approved, for those ailments.

    If you have any questions concerning the Home Depot policy please contact Home Depot at 1-800-559-3199 to express your concerns over the new ruling. Please be courteous and represent the finest in the military world, the submariners.

    You earned it, use it! - cane
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    Thanks for the info Cane. I have to get my card from the VA for my service connected disability.

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    If your retired and Home Depot won't honor your ID card for the discount, go to Lowe's and see if they will. Both offer the discount where I live.
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    Is this only for retired? I was in and my biggest regret was getting out, but either way I am a vet. I take it this will not work for someone like me?
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    I wonder how OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware) deals with it? They are a Sears Company, so I'm guessing they honor ALL vets.
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    Be sure it shows your DAV status Doc, must show SERVICE CONNECTED.

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    I just show the retired Air Force ID card, the VA Service Connected Card stays in the wallet.
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    So far the Local Lowes has given me the discount just for my DD 214, and I never saw combat.
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    I got out in 1989, nobody remembers anything about my short stint in uniform but me. :) No discounts, no bennies, nada, but that's OK, I have some memories that can never be duplicated.
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    Totally irrelevant to being a veteran. You are a veteran for having volunteered to serve your country honorably. The fact that you were not needed in combat does not change your veteran status. Thank you for serving!
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    Is that damage to your head in the picture service connected:D:eek:
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    I use my Department of Defense ID at Lowes and Home Depot...and haven't had any trouble. Didn't know they were taking VA cards as well.
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    My husband is 100% disabled vet and has a OK tax exempt card that we use. Plus he shows his service connected VA card and gets a discount.

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    + 1 :cool: