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    I have sucessfully completed the Carry Class a few years back and have been carrying since. I have been at the range practicing and have chosen a weapon appropriate for the type of carry I do. I have also read tons of posts on this forum as well as others and just when you think you have it down someone brings something up you have not considered. :confused:

    The issue someone brought up was in regards to shooting your weapon with no hearing protection. Yes....I am sure under life threatening circumstances you will not be worried about "the bang" as it relates to your ears....however its an interesting point to consider.

    In a world of small and compact high caliber guns it did make me stop and think....what if I did shoot this .357 mag out of a 3" snub inside my home or even outside. My second shot may not be as effective as the first as I may be flinching at the anticipation of the noise. I would love to hear from those of you who are in law enforcement, military or those who have used their weapon without ear protection. How do you manage the noise?

    What I am leading to here is should there be a balance in chosing a weapon with higher calibur and the length of the barrel to manage the noise for follow-up shots? Just curious....

    , been at the range shooting many years
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    When the time comes it won't be an issue. I have fired mine many times without hearing protection. It wasn't until I went to basic training that I ever used it and learned the need for it. Repeated shooting without it could damage your hearing but an occasional shots would not. I would recomend taking a few shots without it so the sound won't catch you off guard.

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    Being in many fire fights in Vietnam the hearing thing is non issue.When the time comes and I hope it never does,the rush of adrenaliine and the pounding of your heart drowns out the report of any weapon.
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    I am not saying that it is a good thing, but even shooting blanks on a movie set is enough to affect hearing.

    Remember Callahan asking "Did he fire 5 or 6?"

    There have numerous cases were the exact number of shot fired was not remembered by the shooter.
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    Eventually the noise will take its toll on the ear if prevention is not taken into account.
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    I require all to wear ear protection on my range. However if you were to come to me with your concern I would allow you to take a few shots without for the express reason as it could be considered training.

    But if the need arises you will not notice the sound.

    I even like champion electronic muffs for deer hunting. They are stereo so I can hear deer walking from a great distance and yet not hear the report of my old 12 guage. They are great for hearing what the wife is talking about clear at the other end of the house!

    I require children under the age of 13 to wear plugs as well as muffs. You can't be to safe with our most precious resource! I wish 63 years ago people would have know the problems. At 5 to 9 years of age ( Dad was killed 13 April 1959 ) I loved to tag along with dad and go to the range with the Indianapolis Police officers and watch. If I remember right it was mostly 38 cal and I'm reasonably sure light training loads but my hearing might be much better now if protection was used.