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    Does anyone have a DAN WESSON 01987 GUARDIAN 45ACP 1911 I would like to have one and was wondering what you might think of it, I've read good and bad but really want to hear it from someone who actually owns one.
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    While I don't have the Guardian, I have owned a Heritage (full size 5") and currently have a V-Bob (think guardian, but a bit higher end and forged steel). I really like Dan Wesson 1911s. I plan to eventually pick up a Guardian to rotate into carry. The Guardian is a forged alloy framed bobtailed 1911. It is almost half a pound lighter than the V-Bob. Because of the weight difference there will be more felt recoil.

    I checked out both before I went with the V-Bob. I liked the slide stop, grips, and sights better on the V-Bob.

    One thing I really like is that the Dan Wessons do not have MIM controls like some other manufacturers 1911s. The smaller parts are tooled steel. There is also more hand fitting done to them as well. I think you get a lot for your money. The Checkmate mags arn't too bad. I found Tripp 7rd springs and followers make them work flawlessly. Check out Tripp Cobra and Wilson mags too.

    What bad have you read? Dan Wesson's are very well reguarded. For an overwhelming amount of info check out here:

    Dan Wesson Forum

    Here is my V-Bob:

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    The Duce. I have one out on a "permanent" loan. It is in his will to come back to me.
    Sweet shooter. If you get one, keep it.