The FTF TUF Thread.

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by cpttango30, Sep 23, 2010.

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    OK who wanted Epi #2. with the most spectacularly unspectacular fight of the century. I don't know about you guys but you could see that triangle coming from a dam mile away. I was amazed that old dude had that much cardio with the fact that he had a cig in his mouth all the time.

    I like the Fact that GSP baited and sank that hook deep in to Koscheck for the first pick. That was great. I am not sure if I understand his frenglish about him just being a training partner. I think them guys would benefit from him being a coach. He has a good selection of coaches on his side. I'm looking at Team Paint Dry to keep the roll going next week.

    Man did they move these guys into one nice *** house. There is no way I would put these guys in a house that nice. I might put them up in a trailer part on the outside of town.

    So far I think Koschecks head is so big that it is going to be hard for the guys to train. "If you sit down with me you will like me. No I won't Your a douche and I will take an *** beating to kick you in the dam junk.
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    Cpt. Tango...I'll agree with you that the fight last night wasn't very exciting...There was a little bit of scrambling for position, some very nice kicks (although not very effective) from Alex Caceres, and the Judo throw from Jeff Lentz at the end of rd. 1 was also very nice. There was just way too much uneffective clinching on the fence, with neither fighter trying to escape, throw elbows (or other strikes), or improve their positions. They should have really been trying to go for the underhooks more, and either going for the trip or trying to escape to get back to the center to exchange strikes.
    You're also right about the triangle coming, and he should have been able to escape it...He had the opportunity and he let it slip away. He also tapped when he SWORE he would never tap.
    I was really surprised to see him (Lentz) smoking too. That's a TUF first!!!
    I think that what St. Pierre was trying to say was that he's not there for him. He's there for them. He's going to be going through everything that they go through and pointing out and correcting their mistakes to make them better fighters. Also, he has Greg Jackson and his team with him, one of the greatest MMA coaches in the world. Why would GSP stand up and take the lead when he's got Greg Jackson there?
    I still don't hate Koscheck all that much guys...