The first date with my new RIA

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    First post to the forum and wanted to let everyone know that I enjoy my time reading through everyones threads and posts. Very well organized site with lots of great members, information, and of course guns.

    Bought my first 1911, after reading and watching many many reviews and having a budget, I settled for a compact RIA

    Wasn't a fan of the wood grips from the very start, but I like to customize as you'll see

    Took it to the range today for the first time
    Shot - 150 rounds of Remington UMC 230 grain through it,
    with the stock ACT MAG and two joes magmania 7 round magazines

    Only had one hiccup with a spent shell being caught badwards in the slide
    With everything else going smoothly, I chalked that one up to bad luck, but only time will tell if it happens again

    The gun ran like a machine, though I did field strip it and clean up the "goop" it was packed with, well before I took it out today

    The gun shoots low at 25ft (yes 25 ft cause the indoor range at the club allows no closer than that)
    I hold four inchs above the mark and I hit the mark - easy ;)

    Groupings, at best, were 4-5 inches, again at 25ft and with me being not the best shot, by far

    As soon as the out door range is complete (under renovations) I will try at 10ft and go from there

    Also, I tend to shoot to the left, but thats with all my guns, I think it has to do with my grip or eyes or whatever.

    Over all, my RIA is my new BABY... it's a dream

    At first, I thought I would hate the "play" in the trigger before the first shot, but after a few rounds and knowing exactly when it will disengage the hammer and with the super short reset of the trigger - I wouldn't want it any other way, right out of the box.

    The gun is "heavy", obviously compared to my Glock and Ruger SR9, but I still want to carry it lol - next will to be to find that "perfect" IWB holster and see how it goes

    Well, Thank you for the read and I added some photos below, enjoy.


    Cool Grips Right ;)


    One bad luck round




    Hmm, pretty sure I shot 7 times :rolleyes:

    Thanks again
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    Congratulations on the new gun purchase! I too just recently bought my first 1911...won't be my last. I have a comp tac holster for my xd and love it. I got one for my 1911 this weekend that is made by a local company here in OK called loopers. It seems to be well made and makes you forget that you are carrying.

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    Congrats! My first 1911 was a Kimber Warrior then I got the bug and bought a RIA gov sized 1911. My RIA Is my everyday carry. I wont admit this to my friends or co workers yet but the RIA I bought... I love it more than my Kimber. This thing is like the AK 47s of the 1911s. I dont work for RIA or have any interest financially but man. Ill try and post a pic. You might see scratches and worn finish but I see character.

  4. gunback

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    My RIAs are great I love them. Over 5000 through my govt and no problems.
  5. Buggz

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    I would love to see more photos of everyones RIA

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  6. Billy9mm

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    Got mine about 3wks ago, have put 200 rds through it with no problems so far. This was my first 1911 and I see what everyone says about them being contagious. Already thinking of one for christmas! Forgot to take pics at the range, but this is my RIA.

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  7. danf_fl

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    Congrats! Interesting grips.
  8. tacticalfun

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    Beautiful jmb shrines.
  9. beaglesam

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    Bugs Bunny grips are very cool.
  10. Buggz

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    Thanks - that's what cruising ebay will get you lol
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  11. Axxe55

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    nice shooting Buggz! very good groups! enjoy it and shoot it often!:D