The Citadel M1 Carbine

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    The Citadel M1 Carbine

    Do you remember your first ‘Black Eye’? I do. It was 1971, in the middle of the desert somewhere north of Las Vegas Nevada. I raised my father’s M1 Carbine to my shoulder, sighted in on the cans we had set up as targets, shut my eyes and squeezed the trigger.

    Thankfully my father caught me before I impacted the hard rocky ground and it took some time before I was able to laugh at the lessons I had learned and the bruise on my face. ‘Always pull the rifle in tight to your shoulder and always keep your eyes open!’

    His ‘Korea era’ M1 Carbine was a little more rifle than I could handle at the time but one I would grow to love. So when I saw the Citadel M1 Carbine, a reproduction in .22LR with the same overall dimensions and weight as the original, I loved it!

    This reproduced piece of history brings back memories of the greatest conflicts of the last century, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and a design still continuously used in the arsenals of dozens of countries around the world. The original was produced for the needs of officer, tankers, artillery crews who needed heavier, more accurate firepower than the 1911 .45ACP without the bulk of the M1 Garand. Ask any veteran who used it and you’ll find love for the "United States Carbine, Caliber .30, M1".

    Legacy Sports has produced a rifle that combines both a shooter’s love of history with a great starter rifle for kids. Easy and inexpensive to shoot. Manufactured in Italy, the Citadel M1 Carbine
    includes a blow-back action, an 18″-long, 1:16″ twist barrel, fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight. A 10-round magazine is included and I am hoping to see a larger capacity after market magazine out soon. Wood or synthetic stock, expect that this will be a popular item on everyone’s Christmas list!

    One final note from the Legacy Sports website. Look for CMP M1 Carbine Matches as part of the CMP Games program. Currently these contests include the Garand, Springfield and other vintage military rifles. Shooters compete with 1950s, “As-issued”, U. S. Military M1 Carbines over a 45-shot course at distances up to 100 yards. I’d call that a ‘good time’!
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    You can also get a M-1 Carbine kit to convert a Ruger 10/22.
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    SAY WAT! black eye from an m-1 carbine..... :rolleyes:
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    There is supposed to be a version in 45 acp soon, I may just buy that.
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    I saw a Citadel M1-22 at a Gun Shop a few months ago, and was surprised at how much plastic was on it. Build quality was less than what I expected. I asked the Gun Rep how many he had purchased, and how many he had left In-Stock. His answer was 10 & 10! The Plastic was the Deal-Breaker, on most of his Proposed Sales.

    I went the other route, and Kitted my Ruger 10/22 with the E.A. Brown M1 Kit. I opted for the Tech Sights 100 Set, which are extremely accurate. Here's a pic, with the Tech Sights, Sling & Oiler (All Repros, and part of the Available Kit...):


    An unbeatable combination, with the 10/22 reliability and Tech Sights accuracy!

    I had the opportunity to buy a New M1 Carbine (D-Day Edition), at a Gun Show at the beginning of the month (The Seller had two in the Box...). Seller was asking $900 OTD, and said they Retailed for $1,500. I passed on his offer, after looking up some info on my Phone, telling me that prices were closer to $500-$600.

    I'll find a real M1 Carbine some day, but as long as my 10/22 M1 is punching the Center out of the Target, I'm in no hurry!