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Hey Guys I was Looking Around and Ran Into This. Of Course You All Don't Know Me I'm Interested More in The Weird and Strange.

Heres The Knights Armament Chainsaw LMG.

Knights Armament Took The Stoner 63 LMG and Added Chain Saw Handles to it Made it Into a Weapon That can Only be Described by "WOW" The LMG Was Used Only by Special Forces in Vietnam and Was Very Well Liked But Was Never put Into Mass Production. Though Now it Looks Like a Weapon Some Hollywood Hero Would Use to Single Handily Save the World. It is Amazing What Chainsaw Grips Can do When Applied to a Weapon.

Heres What it Started Out as.

Stoner 63 LMG

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And This is What it Became..

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This is in a Class All By It's Self..


[ame=""]KAC chainSAW - YouTube[/ame]

There is only One Thing I Can Say. (Chain Saw + HK 51B= If Your Going to Do It Do It Right) Would Be A Marriage Made in Heaven... What do You Think????????

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Hmmm Let Me Check... Yup I've Got Wood..:D

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