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    **The bug:
    The bug is for newbies who have just got their first gun , They get excited and maybe buy a few goodies and are hot on the topic for a short time frame. Most often they fire a few rounds thru it and lock it away cleaned or not until the bug comes around again .
    The flu :
    ** The gun flu can be a bit expensive and can last a bit longer than your average bug . It is treatable by buying multiple firearms and legos to go on them , but , in the end after the financial shock wears off and your wifes cools down , it sadly ends up like like the bug but with a more often flare up .
    Flare ups can occur on sunny weekends after the lawn is mowed and you have pleased the war lord of the house by doing dishes or laundry .
    **The disease :
    The disease is by far the most serious case . Its most often started with a overtreated bug and flu situation if no one performs a intervention . Symptoms are but not limited to :
    Out of controls gun and ammo purchases
    Hoarding of any firearm you come by
    Cleaning your guns weekly even if they have not been fired
    A large stash of gun magazines and owners manuals by the toilet
    You may post many many threads on forums every day
    You get up set or teary eyed when you see a uncared for gun
    You steal one of your kids room to use for your reloading or smithing station
    In rare cases the disease can go into remission but most times it can be a life long deal that can be contagious .
    ** The addict :
    The addict is very similar to the disease but has a few more nasty habits.
    They tend to spend every dime they get to purchase anythings gun related , often leaving the poor souls penny less and their families suffering without a college fund . They have no taste in fine firearms as long as its a gun . They will shoot any ammo out of their gun and most often never clean them . They constantly hound the local gun shops trying to get a fix . There is really no cure for them other than to have sympathy as they must help themselves . If you are a addict then we are here for you , there are no meetings just friends with shoulders to cry on . The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem .
    Hope you guys get a kick out of this , enjoy :D

    In any case of the above ailments it is mandatory that you visit your local gun dealer and buy what ever remedy you feel is right , If your purchase fails to cure you then try again , after all thats the way doctors think
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