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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by skullcrusher, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. skullcrusher

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    I was pleasantly surprised today at the gas station. I stopped in for some green tea and nicotine. An old import 4 banger pulled in with the bass bumping. The young driver started pumping gas into it while shirtless and sound system working overdrive. His young male passenger was obviously without a shirt as well. As I got in my truck, I saw an advanced senior lady pull up to the pump on the other side of the "pump island". Young punk motioned to his passenger when he saw her pull up and shut off her Town Car, so I paid attention.

    The passenger then did something that almost blew me over. He shut off the music, got out and put on a shirt. When he headed in the elderly woman's way, I paid even closer attention. She was getting ready to swipe her card and I hear very clearly from the passenger, "Ma'am. May I pump your gas for you?"

    She hesitated.

    Young "punk": {parapharase} "Let me get that. My mom always taught me to help."

    Lady: "You are going to pay for my gas?"

    Y"P": "God no ma'am, I ain't got no money. I will pump it for you so you don't have to."

    I looked around, and I noticed two other men watching as closely as I was. We all kinda noticed each other at the same time and I think we all got a shock. You just don't see the younger ones helping the elderly anymore.

    I drove away and went to work with a good feeling for the future.

    Now, what makes you feel good for the future every once in a while? It might just be a teeny ray of sunshine hope that all is not lost that has given you the good vibes.

    Post those positive thoughts or recent experiences.
  2. freefall

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    I was 2/3 through my second 14 hr day in a row, fixing the water purification equipment in a public housing project 150 miles away. The residents were not hostile but not welcoming, one little boy smiled and waved back at me but was quickly called inside. My co-worker said "Doesn't it make you feel good to drag up here and bust your butt to fix their water and know you'll be taxed to pay for it?"
    An hour or so later, as we worked on the next building, a nice looking 30 something lady came out and asked what we were doing. We explained, she said "Do you believe in Jesus? You guys are the answer to my prayers. This water is terrible, thank you so much for doing this."
    I get paid for what I do. I don't expect thanks, but it does make you feel good once in a while.

  3. danf_fl

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    I know it is not much, but on some of the toll bridges, I will pay for the car behind me (especially if I know they are from out of state). It just makes me feel better.
  4. spittinfire

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    Nice to know there are some kind people still out there. Also goes to show sometimes you can't judge a book by its cover.

    Here I felt good because I saved a turtle from getting hit.
  5. Benning Boy

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    Let me share one that I generally keep to myself, because people think I'm strange when I tell it, but since you all already think I'm strange.....

    I was young, and in Georgia, and desperately needed to get back here. I had a paycheck, but the banks were closed. It was dark, and fog was getting thick. I was resigned to spending the night sitting on a bench, and hoping everything was okay at home.

    A taxi rolled up. It shouldn't have been there, no reason for it to be there at all. Asked me if I needed a ride, I explained I had no cash, just the check.

    He told me they might be able to cash it at the taxi station, if they could, we'd square up, if not, at least I was in town in the morning.

    They did cash the check, the driver got me out to the airport.

    The guy at the ticket counter, Prince (that was his name) told me my ticket was twice the amount I had. He saw my face, and stared at me, and started typing. He found me a flight leaving in 10 minutes, the fare left me enough to make it to the house.

    None of this stuff should have occurred the way it did. I don't know if it was God, Karma, or what, but it was 25 years ago, and I've never forgotten it.
  6. Benning Boy

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    My Collector's Edition Widescreen "Conan the Barbarian" just arrived in the mail.

    Positive for me, but probably bad for you guys.:eek:
  7. Gojubrian

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    While at the range yesterday and elderly couple arrived. The man was taking his wife shooting for the first time. They stayed for a little while and were very nice.

    I just think little old couples are cute. :D
  8. saviorslegacy

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    This goes two ways.
    I know some people that will go to church, sing, act all nice and make eye contact when speaking to people. As soon as they are out of sight from everyone, BAM!, they are horrible people. Defacing road signs and always looking for trouble to get into.

    Then again, I know this one dude who seems to be an absolute punk. He is usually pretty mean, smokes and drinks a lot. As soon as he is out of sight from everyone, BAM!, he shows his heart of gold. Mowing other peoples lawns for free, helping the elderly and just RNDM good deeds.
  9. lonyaeger

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    Excellent thread there, Skull, thanks for that and thanks for your story. There is still hope out there!
  10. CA357

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    This is good. More stories please, we could use a positive lift.
  11. jca1

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    OK, this is long but worthy.

    I moved to the town where I live now in '95. I moved in with my Grandma, I was 23 years old. I had maybe $100 and a beater truck and some clothes. I was an alcoholic and a drug addict(recovering, but just beginning), and an overall worthless piece of crap. My Grandmother let me in her home knowing full well my problems. My Great Uncle, her brother, gave me a job knowing my problems. This continues but wanted to say, I did not let them down.

    Then after having receiving Christ as my Savior I prayed asking God to introduce me to the woman he had chosen for me, when I was ready. I prayed this many times. Then one Sunday morning I went to my cousins church for some reason, I had been going to my Grandmothers church. I knew they had strange service times and I knew service was 11:30-12:30. I arrived at 11:28 or so. As I walked up I heard singing, "they've started early" I thought to myself. A little embarrassed I went on in. I found a place to stand and realized that everyone was looking at me funny. When the song finished the preacher asked a member to lead in the closing prayer! That's right, I walked in on the last 2 minutes of service.

    Now keep in mind that if at any time I had of realized the service times were 10:30-11:30 I would have left or never went at all, not to mention I went out of the blue for no reason.

    I left that day with a picture of a girl and a phone number. I called her, went on a blind date, and we have been together ever since. We married on May 17th 1997, 2 years to the date we met for the first time. There is no question God answered my prayers that day, she is my Angel.

    As a side note,

    Since then and during this time frame, my Cousin died as a result of malpractice, he was my brother in heart, my dad committed suicide with my dead cousins gun, at my cousin's dad's house(my dad's brother) on Mothers day with his mother(my grandmother but not the one that took me in) present. My Grandmother (dad's mom) lost her mind and died 2 years later. I lost a lot of ground during this time, my faith was tested and I failed, but I did not go back to drugs and all, but my relationship with God has suffered, my fault. My heart and soul long for that strong relationship again, greatly. If you are a Christian will you pray about this for me? Prayer works when in accordance with God's will and purpose.