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    Ok, so here is my first (of what I'm sure will be many) questions.

    What is the best source to go to for a comparison of regulations in all the states? For example, if the magazine capacity limit for state A is 10, and it is 12 for state B.

    My reason for seeking this is that I currently live in Maryland, and plan to purchase my first hand gun here. However, in two years I will be moving to either NY, CT, or MA. I would prefer to buy a handgun that is legal in all of the states so I won't have to sell it before moving.

    This actually leads me to another question, I'm assuming it generally matters if a hand gun that you own does not meet the regulations of a state you are moving to. Am I correct in this?

    Thanks all!

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    As always, Jack's advice is spot on.

    I'd also recommend spending some time on Google to see if these states have a local gun forum. My local forum here in GA keeps the legal sections updated and is a really good source for the current laws and their impact...
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    Good site to start at but as always (and they will state this on the site) you need to verify regulations and laws at the state website or by phone before entering that state as the laws vary widely as to such things as where you can carry legally and so on. I carry ten round magazines. One in the chamber. Two spare magazines. That way I have 31 rounds on me and ready to go. If I'm not done the business by 31 rounds I'm in serious trouble any way you look at it. The ten rounders give you the advantage of never having to search to see if there is a magazine capacity limit although most states allow more than ten rounds in a mag these days. But like I say, if your business is not done in 31 rounds, you have bigger issues to worry about. At home, of course, you can check out the capacity limits and go for it.... but we do a lot of driving about and it is a real pain keeping track of what state you are in at times and you really do need to know if your permit is good in that state and what their laws are.

    Nevada is a great example of why you need to check yourself on the current regulations; one day they were good on any of my permits and the next day none of my permits worked in Nevada.