The best light machine gun you have never heard of

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  1. schnuffleupagus

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    Sullivan has developed the best box fed LMG in history and Surefire is just sitting on it.

    Why hasn't SOCOM ordered 2000 of these weapons?
    The manual at arms is close enough to the M4 that it is not a training issue.

    To have this weapon and 10each 60round Surefire magazines accross a 4 man fire team while bounding an assault would be a tremendous force multiplier.

    Singapore has been running a similar LMG since the 1980's.

    Put a 1-4x scope on the top with a large aperture optic offset at 45degrees for rapid trasition and close targets and this weapon would be a favorite beast for hard charging operators.
    I spoke with some acquaintances in Pensacola and North Carolina and none of them are interested. I do not understand.

    Surefire needs to link up with Larry Vickers(or any other CAG or Team6 guy), pay him 5% for every order and 7-1/2% for every order over 500 units.

    I would sleep better knowing that our Apex Predators used the MGX

    Watch "The Rare Surefire MGX: A No-Recoil Light Machine Gun (LMG)" on YouTube

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    Well, based on the video, this thing has great potential! I would love to try it out...:rolleyes:
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  3. schnuffleupagus

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    Yea, makes me wish i was born later so that I would be in my prime, pestering higher to get us one to just test out. It would be the belle of the ball at the stockade.
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    The idea of zero recoil is pretty awesome, but I could imagine some pretty high rates of ammo consumption...of course that is what machine guns do. :cool: I could definitely see some SOCOM usage and more.
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  5. primer1

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    Zero recoil and the modular design would be a big seller to the civilian market in a semi automatic version.
  6. Sniper03

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    Very impressive! And an absolute great design. It should take hold when they get the platform to a military unit. The quick change from 5.56 NATO to 6.8 SPC is ingenious.
    Wished I could have one! :) I LIKE!

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    For a design that light and modest in recoil, I wonder if this weapon could be used by our airborne and special forces units from helicopters without any kind of hard mount by affixing a gyroscopic stabilization unit to its top rail. In case anyone is wondering, I'm talking about the kind of stabilization devices used with heavy motion picture cameras from helicopters by our entertainment industry.

    So long as we're using box magazines, we could suspend the gun from the overhead using a short bungee cord and then velcro or otherwise cinch the gun to the overhead while assaulters are exiting the bird.

    We could also vertically suspend a magazine pouch ( taco / clamshell clasp ) to secure a supply of fresh mags. A mesh pouch could trap expended casings to keep everything in the interior tidy and out of the way.

    We'd probably need a 7.62mm box magazine fed automatic carbine that uses the same recoil mitigation mechanism / quick change barrels / open bolt operation of MGX, perhaps some modified variant of our SCAR Heavy, also using the aforementioned camera stabilization technology.

    Seems like a reasonably good way to make the bird lighter by deleting hard mounts for heavier belt-feds, prevents anyone from slipping on loose casings rolling around, and clears door obstructions. Anyway, just a thought.
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    This is bad***
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    I want one!
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