The best guns for their purpose

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  1. Norwegian

    Norwegian New Member

    If you had to make a list with some 2-3 favorite guns for their purpose, what would it look like?

    Heres some genres:

    Best long range hunting rifle(200 yds ++)
    Best normal range hunting rifle
    Best budget rifle
    Best shotgun in terms of reliability
    Best shotgun for hunting game on the ground
    Best shotgun for hunting flying game
    Best gun for bear defence
    Best gun for home-protection
    Best survival gun


    if you could have only ONE single gun, what would it be?

    I know this is a thread where the answers will differ a lot, but its only ment as a fun-thread.
  2. Norwegian

    Norwegian New Member

    Best budget rifles: Weatherby Vanguard
    Best shotgun in terms of reliability: Most double barreled shotguns then 870, 590, or supernova
    Best shotgun for flying game: Benelli semi, Remington versamax
    Best survival gun: Ruger 10/22 or 870? AR 15?

    Henry survival gun should be a great backup gun, a secondary.

  3. chloeshooter

    chloeshooter New Member

    One gun for all those needs? Remington 870 in 12 gauge. Rounds available for everything you mentioned less 200+ (my R700 in 30-06 will work for that one I guess)

    As far as best for each situation, I'll be happy to observe
  4. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I think that three guns could fill out your list:

    1. Any reliable high-power center-fire, bolt action rifle. (I favor '06)
    2. A good semi-auto .22 rifle (Marlin 60, 10-22 etc.)
    3. A Remington 870 wingmaster.

    If long-term reliability and durability are your main requirements, substitute numbers 2 and 3 with single shots.
  5. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member


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  6. eatmydust

    eatmydust New Member

    My Savage Model 24 O/U in .223 over 3" 12 guage is my #1 pick if I can have only one for TEOTWAWKI. I can't think of a better combo in a single unit.

    I use it for Fall turkey and predators now, and can't think of a better combo for those either.
  7. akers06

    akers06 New Member

    I use my Winchester 1300 for everything I have a rifled slug barrel which is good out to 200 yards and a 24"vent rib choke tube barrel for everything else
  8. hardluk1

    hardluk1 Active Member

    in order
    My custom 7mmrm
    most any 308 that you know well
    savage 200 308
    win model 12 12ga
    same with screw in choke tubes fit to the barrel
    and and .22 bolt fire.
    model 12 trench gun
    .22 bolt rifle
  9. JimRau

    JimRau Well-Known Member Supporter

    "BEST" is in the eye of the beholder!;)

    BUT, for every job there a tool which will do it 'best'!:)
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  10. limbkiller

    limbkiller New Member

    Best long range hunting rifle. .270 for medium game. .300 Win mag for anything bigger.
    Best normal hunting range. .308 or .270.
    Best budget hunting rifle. Marlin, Mossberg, or Remington.
    Reliable shotgun. Remington 870.
    Best on the ground shotgun. The one that fits you the best period.
    Flying game. Same as above.
    Best bear defense. .12 ga. loaded with buckshot.
    Best home defense. Same as above though if you are Great pistol shot it would be good.
    Best survival gun. A BOLT action .22.
    Only one gun. .22 or a .12 ga.
  11. jpattersonnh

    jpattersonnh Active Member

    The catagories are redundant.
    All of my "regular" hunting rifles are capable of 300 yards even on large game, they are set up that way.
    A budget rifle is what?? A rifle that is actually worth more, but you got the deal of the century?? No Plastic.
    Same shotgun covers 5 catagories.
    Survival gun is whatever you happen to have.
  12. mdauben

    mdauben New Member

    Best long range hunting rifle.
    .25-06 for medium game.
    .300 Win mag for anything bigger.

    Best normal hunting range.
    Marlin 336 in .30-30

    Best budget hunting rifle.
    Marlin XL7 or Savage Axis

    Reliable shotgun.
    Mossberg 500

    Best bear defense.
    .375 H&H with express sights

    Best home defense.
    Mossberg 500 with 12ga 00 buckshot

    Best survival gun.
    Savage 24 in .22LR/20ga
  13. donnier03

    donnier03 New Member

    I submit that the 30-06 is a hard to be all around hunting caliber. I wide variety of loads and can easily be accurate to 300yds.
  14. Jagermeister

    Jagermeister New Member

    I am sure this is a perfect round for your area without a doubt. For my area, the best jack of all trades round is the .308. I can hunt from small roe deer up to large Russian boar and Red deer. A 30.06 will ruin too much meat on the roe deer. I guess ones enivornment determines which round is the best. :D
  15. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    I like this.

    I have to also agree you could also use an AR15, in 5.56,

    for an all-purpose, "choose 1" weapon.
  16. DrumJunkie

    DrumJunkie New Member

    This is actually a pretty good list. I also like the 835 Mossbergs but they are a little rattely and the action is not as smooth as the 870.

    The perfect for X deal is very subjective though. I guess if everyone lived in the same place and had the same needs but it's not like that. I do like the 30 06 for a longer range gun. I honestly believe everyone needs a 22 rifle and some type of shotgun. But opinions are just that. Where I live geting a 200+ yard shot is not all that common. Most hunting ranges are 150 yards and less. So I can easily use a 30 30 for hunting larger game like deer. In face I'd say a 30 30 has killed 10 deer for every 1 taken with another round. They are also very easy to carry around in the hills here with the brush. Get into the wentern part of the state (KY) where it's flat and the whole deal changes though.

    Mossberg makes a decent low cost bolt gun these days but the 100ATR 30 06 I have kicks like a mule. Maye with a heavier stock that might change. But I will get my 03A3 over it any time.

    The old Enfields are cheap and ammo is not too bad price but ammo availability outside the net is not all that easy sometimes. But they can really reach out there and touch something. Find one of the 308 models and it's a win-win.

    Rugers 10-22 and the Marlin 60 are two of the hands down best choices in a 22 rifle. There are other good ones but parts availability and price makes these a staple in most collections. I have an old Remington 121 Fieldmaster pump rifle though that can shoot more types of 22 than a semi so maybe that would be the best choice for me if I was to only have one.

    A lot can be said for a SKS in most places.

    I don't think there a best in any category though. WE all have preferences and the needs change dependent to where we are in the world. There's a reason there are so many different types of guns out there. Because we can find a need for most all of them.:)
  17. Hawg

    Hawg Active Member

    .22 lever action
    Winchester model 12.
  18. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    If I had to "choose one" I have a clean Mosin M44 which would

    fit the bill. But I'm a big guy, many would not like the weight.

    What I find attractive is the built in bayo, and the overall

    sturdiness and compactness of the carbine.
  19. Tuner

    Tuner New Member

    1. Best long range, any quality bolt action in 270, 7mm Rem. Exp. 30-06 or similar.
    2. Best normal rang, see 1 above. If it will shoot long range it will shoot short range.
    3. Best budget rifle, 98 Mauser in good shape.
    4. Best shotgun in terms of reliability, Rem 870.
    5. Shotgun for game on the ground, 4 above or 6 below.
    6. Shotgun for fly, Holland, Purdy or Boss side by. LOL
    7. Best gun for bear defense, Marlin Guide 450 or 45-70
    8. Best gun for home defense, Savage Double side by side sawed off to about 14 inches. You didn’t say legal!
    9. Best survival. 870 Rem. With slug and smooth mod. Barrel.
    10. Just one gun to cover all of the above, No. 9 above.
  20. 6_5swedeforelk

    6_5swedeforelk New Member

    First let me say that a 1960's something Ruger 10/22 is my trapline rifle used day in-day out. It's used to "turn the switch off " in the case of timber wolves. But as a "Survival gun"... everyone here who has lost their clip, raise your hand.
    Jagermeister, the 30-06 & .308 are damnear the same thing. You get the same damage with both. :) Work on being a better Jager get closer, and aim for the neck, 2/3 up.