The Best Guns Ever

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    This might comes as a shock but I really like guns. The problem is that there are so many and I want them all, and that is a problem. I decided years ago that I am not a collector of anything because there is no end to collecting, but there is an end to how much space I've got and how much money I have. That especially applies to guns. At the same time life is short and I really like guns. How I finally decided to remedy this situation was to create a list of the different types of guns and decide what the best gun is based on the type. I would then eventually get one that made the top of the list for each category. That way I could have a lot of different guns but there would be a limit to my collection. So now when I'm at a gun show or wherever I only look for guns that are on the list.

    Just creating the list and deciding what the best is was actually a lot of fun, and since there are others here that also really like guns I thought it would be fun to have a discussion about the list and the rifles in each category. And I think I posted the list sometime back to see if I was missing any obvious category? But I don't think the rifles that made the list were ever really discussed. What I would like to do now is just see if I'm missing anything obvious on categories and then discuss each rifle in a separate thread. I would really be interested in why others arrive at a different "best" rifle for each category.

    So here is what I have:

    1. Best Rifle Ever
    2. Best Bolt Action Hunting Rifle
    3. Best Semi Auto Hunting Rifle
    4. Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle
    5. Best Semi Auto Battle Rifle
    6. Best Carbine
    7. Best Battle Carbine
    8. Best Lever Action
    9. Best Pump Action
    10. Best Single Shot
    11. Best Double rifle (which will cost more than I'll pay for a rifle:eek:)
    11. Best Sniper Rifle

    I know there are some unique categories not included like rifles built like revolvers, but I felt like this list covered most common rifles out there along with their intended use. And this list is for production centerfire rifles only. So am I missing anything obvious? :)
  2. Max-Q

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    You're going to get a million different answers but I'll say my all time favorite rifle is the M1 Garand.

  3. TLuker

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    The M1 Garand could be the best semi auto battle riffle which would allow you to pick something else for the best overall. Or if you feel the M1 Garand was truly the best overall rifle ever then it could be both best semi auto battle rifle and best overall.

    But what I'm wondering about right now is the list itself? Am I missing any thing here? For example I just realized that I don't have a category for best Varmint rifle. I don't shoot Varmints so I didn't think about it, but that has become so popular that it probably should be a category? :confused:
  4. therewolf

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    IMHO, there's so much personalized taste.

    I'm pretty much a milsurp collector.

    As for categories 11.a & 11.b, I'm just a

    po' boy, I can't afford that sh!t.

    Many of us have 22LRs, there's really no niche.

    1. Best Rifle Ever- Ruger 10/22 Takedown- Case included, SS, 22LR, noob

    friendly, great varminter, scope-ready. This little pisher kicks ***.

    2. Best Bolt Action Hunting rifle- in my neck-'O-the-woods, for

    wild boar-Mosin-M44. 7.62X54R in soft nosed hunting tips.

    3. Best Semi Auto Hunting rifle--M16A2 in 5.56-22 magnum has never been

    better, or more accurate.

    4. Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle--Springfield '03A3--in 30.06.

    5. Best Semi-Auto Battle Rifle-M1 Garand--in 30.06

    6. Best Carbine--Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle--.223/5.56

    7. Best Battle Carbine--SKS with folding stock--7.62X39

    8.Best Lever Action- Marlin 1894--in .44 Rem. Mag.-because, here

    in South Florida, when you step outside, you enter the food


    9. Best Pump Action-Mossy 500, or Rem 870.

    10. What's a "single shot" :confused:

    YMMV, just the ravings of an opinionated NFL fan...
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  5. akms47nagont

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    1. Best Rifle (um akm 47 imo)

    2. Best Bolt Action Hunting Rifle (Remington 700 in 3006)

    3. Best Semi Auto Hunting Rifle (Some form of the AR platform)

    4. Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle (Springfield 19 03a3)

    5. Best Semi Auto Battle Rifle (M1 grand)

    6. Best Carbine(Ruger 1022)

    7. Best Battle Carbine (M1 carbine 30 cal)

    8. Best Lever Action (A Winchester in 357 magnum)

    9. Best Pump Action(Remington 870)

    10. Best Single Shot (I would be stepping into 50 BMG again unknown)

    11. Best Double rifle Unknown

    11. Best Sniper Rifle ( the Remington 700) is technically the M 24 sniper (rifle system)
  6. Control

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    You forgot target rifles!

    No comment on your list as we have little in common.
  7. Garadex

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    The best guns ever are mine, for the sole reason that I own them. I'm sure most people feel this way.
  8. Chainfire

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    In all fairness, you have to assign a time frame to you list. While the Garand was the finest rifle of WWII, it would be an Albatross on the battlefield today. The O3 Springfield or the Mauser it was copied from would have held the slot for WWI. As far as pistols, there is only one that covers a hundred years of great service. (hint: it ain;t a Glock)
  9. TLuker

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    A single shot is what gave a poor Utah Mormon gun smith his first big break. His name was John Moses Browning and the gun was the rifle became the Winchester 1885 single shot. You load one round at a time. :)
  10. Salvo

    Salvo New Member

    I don't have opinions about all of those categories.
  11. TLuker

    TLuker Active Member

    I don't think a time line is needed? Part of what got me on this is that I realized a lot of the best rifles ever made haven't produced for many many years. The workmanship in many of those old rifles can't be touched by anything made today. And if you do find a finally crafted rifle today it will likely cost a fortune and not be your typical off the self production rifle.

    And here is my list:

    1. Best Rifle Ever - Pre 64 mod 70 Winchester in 7mm Mauser (or maybe 30/06 - I can't decide?)
    2. Best Bolt Action Hunting Rifle - Remington M700 (it was the best hunting rifle because it made a really good bolt action affordable for many hunters including me when I first started hunting)
    3. Best Semi Auto Hunting Rifle - Browning BAR
    4. Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle - Lee Enfield No.4 MkI (it wasn't necesarily the best rifle but the Brits made it the best of both world wars through ingenuity and training)
    5. Best Semi Auto Battle Rifle - M14
    6. Best Carbine - Winchester M94 (for me this is border line on being a carbine instead of a rifle but I'll put it in the carbine category)
    7. Best Battle Carbine - M16 (AR15)
    8. Best Lever Action - Savage M99 (it was a coin toss with the 1895 Winchester)
    9. Best Pump Action - Remington Model 141
    10. Best Single Shot - 1885 Winchester
    11. Best Double rifle - Probably something that starts with H&H?
    12. Best Sniper Rifle - M24 (I just always loved the M24 - and this should have been #12)
  12. TimL2952

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    Well, the thread is billed as the best GUNS ever...where are the machine guns, pistols, shotguns?
  13. TLuker

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    It is also in the forum for general rifle discussion. I guess you could consider a machine gun a rifle, but I would put that in a different class. And I do have a list for shotguns, remfires, and pistols but I figured this was long enough as is. :)
  14. therewolf

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    I was being obtuse. A joke, as it were.

    Chainfire, while I agree wholeheartedly about the 1911A1,

    I have to respectfully disagree about the Garand. I would dread

    being in a firefight against a platoon or company of Garands,

    regardless of WHAT new doo-dad you handed me. These rifles

    can shoot accurately to 600+ yards,with iron sights,

    in the right hands, and the

    caliber has the punch to get the job done, in massed fire,

    to over 1500 yards. They have the penetration to shoot up

    light armor, shoot down planes, and change the paradigm

    for "safe cover and concealment".

    Most the surviving Wehrmacht, by now, have died of old

    age, but their testimonies live on, and it's a fact that

    the Garand is a powerful and feared weapon.
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  15. samnev

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    1. Best Rifle Ever AIAW
    2. Best Bolt Action Hunting Rifle, Sako Tikka
    3. Best Semi Auto Hunting Rifle
    4. Best Bolt Action Battle Rifle, 1903 Springfield
    5. Best Semi Auto Battle Rifle, M1 Garand
    6. Best Carbine, Noveske N4 Afghan Monolithic receiver
    7. Best Battle Carbine, M4
    8. Best Lever Action, Winchester 1886
    9. Best Pump Action, Remington 870 Police
    10. Best Single Shot, Sharps 1874
    11. Best Double rifle (which will cost more than I'll pay for a rifle) Holland and Holland
    11. Best Sniper Rifle, AIAW and TRG 22/42
  16. TimL2952

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    This is all very true, but the nature of warfare being mobility, now...Lighter weapons with more ammo that engage at shorter distances are the go-to.

    I wouldn't want to have to haul a Garand on long marches or get in and out of a humvee multiple times with it...I would take a G-36 or something like that over it any day...although I would miss the punch of the .30-06.
  17. TLuker

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    Sorry, I have trouble with cynicism sometimes. :)