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    A special Christmas present.

    Every once in a while Sarge has something happen to him that is extraordinary. And this holiday season will be remembered for a long time.
    First some background so you can understand how things unfolded.
    Sarge is a Commisioner on the Heritage Commision for his city. And has been since 1998. A position that is 'hands on' for working on Historic parks, houses and structures that everyone desires to preserve for our future generations. That said, there is in our city a farm house that was built in 1901 and not just an ordinary farm house. This house is made of brick with walls three brick courses thick. (almost a foot thick) It is a two story house with an attic and a full basement. It came with a carraige house and two barns. One barn was not saveable and the other was vandelised and had to be taken down. But the house still stood and all the commissions efforts was concentrated on that. This holiday season we had an Old Fashion Christmas celebration at the farm house. Sarge and 6 others on the commision worked two weeks to clean, decorate and set up the chairs, tables ect. for this event. It was two days long from 8 am to 4 pm and we had over 230 visiters. Sarge was asigned the job of greeter and tour guide. His knowledge of farms and farm houses, in particular this one, alone made him the pick for this position. Today Sunday Dec. 5th there were two visitors that made Sarge so happy and filled his soul and heart with the Christmas spirit so full, that he had to write this down to tell his friends about it.
    Two young girls came in with their nurse/guide. They were approximately 13 yrs. and 15 yrs. old. Beautiful girls but with only one fault if it could be called that. Both were totally blind. They carried their white expandable sticks to find what was ahead of them and their guide was there to help. Now you would think that the blind would not be able to enjoy the beautifully decorated trees and the colorful lights of Christmas but where there is a will there is a way. Sarge asked the nurse lady if he could help her show and explain the house and it's decorations. She was happy to consent. Maybe it is his gift of gab or his years as a teacher but he lead the two girls and the nurse around the house. At the stained glass windows he explained the color of the glass and how it is made. He ran their fingers over the window so they could feel the lead lines between the pieces of glass. The glass was textured and he guided their hands to feel the waves and lines the glass had and told them to imagine what the design of those lines were. (they got it right too) Then to the first room which was a young girls bedroom and we call the Princess room. The quilt on the bed was a masterpiece of crocheting called the "popcorn design. They felt the threads and the design and when Sarge told them that it took almost a year to complete this one quilt there comments of "oh Gee, and Golly" were very proper and correct. Sarge and the nurse took ornaments off the trees and put them in the girls hands and moved their fingers to different parts of the glass ornament and explained what it looked like and how it was shaped. He guided their soft hands to put the glass ornament back on the tree. This went on for eight rooms. ( A little embarrasing but he also walked them through the bathroom and told them how many steps to the sink from the door and then touched their hand to the tank top from the sink and where the paper was located if they had to come in here)
    But then I could talk about the excited squeals of happiness and the wonder in their voices for several more pages but I will jump to the best of the day.
    In one of the rooms we took them, Sarge was holding the oldest girl's hand and he told her that there was something over here that she had to recognise. He moved her hand to the coat sleeve and down to the cuff. "Do you feel the fur cuff on this coat." He asked. " She responded,"Yes." Then to the hat and to the fur ball on the end of the hat. "Yes" she said and described what she had felt. Then down to the long white beard and he told her "the coat is a mans and it is red. And what you are holding is a long white beard. Who is this?" A scream of excitement and she actually jumped up and down, "Santa Clause Santa Clause!" she said over and over. And then Santa spoke up and asked, " And what do you want for Christmas, my dear lady?" Well I had to get my handkerchief out and get some moister out of my eyes. She and her sister both got to sit on Santa's knee and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Simple requests from two young girls that probable had never seen the presents they asked for.
    As I helped the girls down the porch steps they both stopped at the bottom and gave me a hug and a kiss and a thank you for helping us have a wonderful tour and Christmas." It was the perfect way to end my day. It just doesn't get any better.
    Merry Christmas
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