The benefits of blizzards

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    Sometimes, there are some :D

    The ultimate lock-in: Seven trapped in Yorkshire pub for last NINE days


    Seven people have been trapped inside a pub for nine days after the building was engulfed by 16ft snow drifts.

    The five staff and two local residents have enjoyed the ultimate lock-in at The Lion Inn in Blakey Ridge, Kirkbymoorside, North Yorkshire.

    They have been cut off since last Friday when heavy snow blocked the windows and doors of the isolated Lion – the fourth-highest pub in England – and made surrounding roads too treacherous for any vehicles to pass.

    The snow was so deep that vehicles in the car park were completely buried.

    But despite their ordeal, the spirits of those trapped have remained high. They have kept themselves busy – eating, drinking and playing games – in a huge bar that normally serves 150 customers a night.

    Waitress Katie Underwood,18, said: ‘It was really novel at first and quite exciting.

    ‘The snow is immense. Most of the windows in here are blocked up, but we’ve got a door open at the back to get some air when we need to.

    ‘It’s been freezing, but we’ve been lucky that it’s a pub and B&B we’re trapped in.

    ‘We’ve got plenty of coal for our fire, which has been great, and there are rooms upstairs so we have somewhere to sleep, and plenty of food.

    ‘We’ve been eating as much of the fresh food as we can so as not to waste it – but obviously we can’t eat as much as we would usually serve to customers so some has been thrown out.’

    Katie, who has worked at the pub for four years, has been stuck with colleagues Rob Sinley, 22, Joe Bell, 20, Stuart Dowson, 25, and Danny Butterworth, 23, along with the two local residents.

    Katie added: ‘We never imagined it would be for this long. We’ve been having a lot of fun – most nights we’ve been playing Monopoly or another board game, as well as keeping a beverage close by for warmth!’

    The Lion’s landlord and landlady missed the enforced lock-in. They were at their home five miles away when the drifts hit.

    Meanwhile, two pregnant nurses from the same Teesside hospital showed tremendous dedication to get to work in the snow.

    Claire Willis, who is six months pregnant, trekked five miles from her home in Thornaby to the James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough.

    It took her two-and-a-half hours.

    Another pregnant nurse, who has asked not to be named, hitched a lift on a farm tractor from her home in Guisborough, six miles from the hospital. She then got a lift in a van and made it to work, again after a two-and-a-half-hour journey.

    Billy Payne, of Meteogroup, the Press Association's weather arm, said: 'Into next week temperatures drop away again and lots of areas could be struggling to reach zero degrees and there will be sharp frosts.

    'It is still very cold into next week but from Wednesday onwards there could be a slight recovery.'

    Though meteorologists believe Britain has had the worst of the snow, it will continue to fall in Scotland from tomorrow night onwards.

    UK snow: 7 trapped in Lion Inn pub in Yorkshire for last NINE days | Mail Online
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    I suppose a pub's far from the worst place to get stranded in. :p

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    A good time indeed, lucky bastards! :D
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    I do miss me some Brittish Pubs.
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    No mention of darts at all. What is Britain coming to? :eek:
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    An 18 year old girl and four guys, and you think they are throwing darts?:rolleyes:
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    I bought alot of pints losing at darts to the britts.
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    Tossin meat, eh? a bit of the in'n'out?