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  1. Angrypoonani

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    I don't come in this part of the forum much, however, I am in the market for a good carry 1911.

    Now I've heard blah blah about how Kimber and several other higher priced pistols are good guns, but I would like some suggestions on lower priced carry/compact 1911s that come in .45 and .40.

    I mean not everyone can spend 1k plus on a gun ;)

    I'm looking around 600
  2. CA357

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    $600. will get you a decent entry level 1911. If you want to shop a bit, you may be able to find a higher end used model for about the same money.

    The webz is your friend. Look around and do a bit of research, then shop for bargains. They are out there.

    We all know what opinions are like, buy that, that's junk, I love this one. Do some homework and let us know what you come up with. Then we can better help you sort it out.

    Enjoy the quest.

  3. mpd8488

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    Check out Taurus. They are quality, full featured pieces with tight tolerances right from the factory. edit: I was wrong . They do have ****ty ambidextrous thumb safeties, but I would consider that a minor issue considering the bang for your buck you're getting otherwise.
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  4. NGIB

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    Taurus does not get their frames from the same place as Springer - same country but not the same vendor. Whether Taurus is a good bang for the buck is subject to interpretation...
  5. gadrooning

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    Rock Island Armory actually has a good 1911 for the money.
  6. stalkingbear

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    Taurus makes their own frames in house. I have 1 with the .460 Rowland conversion kit installed.

    There are a truckload of compact 1911 platform, and sub-compacts out there based on the 1911 platform. Exactly how small are you wanting to go? Give us some idea so we can help you narrow it down somewhat. Generally the smaller it is, with all other things being equal, the harder it is to shoot.

    That Comannder would make a PERFECT carry gun and it's an actual Colt from a WELL respected member! If I was in the market for 1 I'd go for it in a heartbeat.

  7. unknownhero82

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    it's alil heavier but i've never had a single problem with it and carry it every single day and everywhere i'm legally allowed to lol but rock island 1911 it's a great piece...3 1/2" barrel...and for $400 you can't shake a stick at's also a great price if you lookin to learn how to work on 1911's and do some basic upgrades...that's just my 2cents tho lol :D
  8. bigiron1

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    Springfield offers GI's and Mil-Specs, where I am from, for under that price. Look at Para if you want to go the .40 route. Happy hunting
  9. Gojubrian

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    My pro carry 2 was less than $900 with night sights. You can get them for less than $800 without and used for about $650 or so. I've seen several in that price range just keep an eye out.
  10. Angrypoonani

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    So Taurus? That seems to be the pistol that is in my price range at this point...

    NGIB 750 is a tad bit expensive at he moment and on top of that I live intexas notice the sig :D

    what are the dimensions on that pistol btw? I didnt read your post thoroughly is it carry size with a shorter barrel and handle.
  11. Rick1967

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    I have the Citidel. I understand that it is the replacement for RIA. It is a good gun. I have the 5 inch model. But they also make a compact. Mine eats up hollow points without a single glitch. Mine came with ambi safety. The feed ramp looks to be polished from the factory. I have shot 165 grain lead round nose, 185 grain JHP , 200 grain trununciated cone, 230 JHP, and 255 grain lead round nose. Never a problem with any of them. Awesome gun. I spent just over $500 for mine. It also came with the skeletonized trigger and hammer. Very nice for the money.
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  13. superc

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    Here is an idea you may wish to consider. Over the decades I have purchased and been very happy with numerous used .45s. They were all Colts, but the prices were always just a few hundred bucks. I used to visit pawn shops and gun shops (pre-internet days) off the beaten path (i.e., small towns). Guns that had bounced around in tackle boxes or under the front seat of someone's pickup truck. One checks the safety in the store, Usually the store will let you field strip it for a quick inspection (or the clerk will do it for you). Presumably you will have by now handled enough 45s, and.or read Kuhnhausen's books so you have an idea what you are looking out for. Look for burrs and other problem signs in critical places. If the feed ramp has been gouged out by an amateur who failed at a polishing attempt, say no thank you. There should be no movement of a cocked hammer at all with the safety on and the trigger being pulled. Take the safety off leaving the hammer cocked and manipulate the trigger without touching the grip safety. Nothing is what should happen. If the hammer falls, say no thank you. Is the barrel in decent shape (not terribly important as new 1911a1 barrels are fairly easy to get, but a good bargaining point for haggling). What brand (and how many) of magazine comes with the gun? Check the wear pattern on the recoil and barrel lugs (the ones on the bottom of the slide too). To me, surface rust, slide pitting scratches and worn blue are really unimportant. [I usually polish, reblue or parkerize, and new sights the gun anyway.] Broken and worn springs lower prices, but are really easy to replace. If it passes your inspection and the price is good, buy it.

    Dealers and pawnshops have (generally) become much more knowledgeable with the coming of the INet, but there are still many small shops whose owners don't do Internet, and even on the Internet places such as gunbroker. com very good buys do exist. What I am noting in these troubled times is some prices are falling. Sometimes a gun sits on a dealer's shelf or in the display case of a pawn shop for so long they lower the price just to move it out. Likewise a struggling shop on its last legs sometimes is only too happy to move the merchandise out.

    Pictured here is a .45 that was covered with encrusted dirt sold 'as is' which I bought for $325 about 4 years ago in a rural gun shop (turns out it was about a month before their doors closed). It is a Colt 1911 made in 1915. It went to France that year, and came back into the country via Navy Arms in the 80s (they tell me they bought it in Argentina, so what has that gun seen?). Once the dirt was cleaned off the only thing found wrong was the missing front sight (not uncommon with the earlier thin round peg sights) and the fact someone had replaced the grips with Korean war vintage military grips. It now has high visibility sights, Wolff magazines and it shoots just fine.

    I don't mind 'used' so in the past month I have acquired a Colt .32 auto for under $300 and last year a Shooting Master .45 New Service for just under $400. All now work just perfectly. Seriously, consider 'used' there are some good buys out there.

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