The Age of this Flintlock pistol

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    Hello eveyone.

    I'm thinking of buying an antique Dutch Flintlock pistol Antiques Atlas - Arms and Weapons, Flintlock Pistol

    I however cannot tell how old it is.... and nor can the seller.
    He estimates it is from around 1700 and is Dutch. He isn't certain about this however.

    I'd like to know whether or not this flintlock really is as he estimates, as the age and origin of two important factors for me.

    Can someone please inform me if it truly is a Dutch pistol, and if it indeed is from around the year 1700

    I have added a number of photo's the seller has send to me.

    Thank you!

    Yours sincerely,

    Sjouke de Jong

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  2. KABAR2

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    I am new here and just saw this from June, what you are looking at is a pistol
    probably made in Italy for the middle eastren trade, what does he base his ID on?
    does it have proof marks? This is something nice to hang on a wall but not a high quality collector gun.... hope this helps.

  3. Hawg

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    Seeing as how the OP only made this one post and he's long since either bought it or let it go any thoughts on it now are moot. I do think it is what the seller says it is only maybe from the early to mid 1700's.
  4. KABAR2

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    Yeah I noted the one post, I gave the answer becaues the ID was wrong,
    and it could keep other's from droping money on wall hangers.....