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Your thoughts?

Here's the deal my fellow forum members. Old JD is SERIOUSLY considering throwing some cash down towards a new AR platform in the interest of having a longer range, harder hitting semi auto platform - and there isn't much time to waste, what with the future leadership dicey at best.

After some consult with my 'Smith, I am heavily leaning towards the new DPMS Panther in 6.5 Creedmoor, or possibly building something similar, with a few special shop mods. :cool:

The benefits to me are - Hornady has almost match grade ammo right out of the box. The ammo is easy to reload for us begineers, I haven't been doing it long. The brass is good quality. You get good barrel life and it's a round that really can stretch your ability to engage downrange.

On the downside, it's kind of a new round. Hornady just introduced their off the shelf ammo at SHOT in 2008. The write ups have been positive, but no one is doing reviews on it in an AR platform yet.

So, to all my fellow manual readers and ballistics techs, what are your thoughts on the round itself and on it's longevity?

Many Thanks -

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