The 1911, a must own!

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    Here is my $ 00.02.

    If you own many guns, you should have a 1911. Way back in boot camp I was introduced to the .45. I shot top score in my company, and won a phone call to my honey.

    I always wanted one for myself. I bought a 1911 so I could compete in the Wed. nite bowling pin shoot. Wow is that fun! Anyway, got a new Colt commander and learned that a new one was a far cry from a custom. It was Kinda like a harley that got better after every improvement, it just won't leak oil.

    I took it to a gunsmith and after seeing him beating on my new pal....I bought some books on gunsmithing and some tools and decided if anyone was messing up my gun then it would be me. Being a mechanic all my life, studying it was a lot of fun.

    I bought some stainless steel parts and took about 6 months slowly improving it and fitting parts to operate as a team. My first trigger job came out great, very smooth and crisp. After all the work I gave it to a local .45 guru to try out and he passed it. Proudly it did well at the bowling pin matches and won me back the money I spent on it.

    It is my favorite pistol and a blast to use. Proud to be a veteran!
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    Cool beans Neil.

    Thanks for your service.

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    When do you have too many of the 1911 variants?

    Ummmm, never. :)
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    I never knew I needed one until I got one. Now, I wouldn't want to be without one!